Shifting Into Love First Gear Last Post

Good morning! This is the last day to enter my Giveaway! I’ll announce the winners tomorrow.

The Free Friday book is The Beautician and the Billionaire Episode 1-4

Today is also the last day for a post from Shifting Into Love First Gear. Please buy the book! Second Gear is due at the end of July.


Jones had no time to ready the brakes or calm his pounding heart when he hit the between place, as he called it. The frequency of the waves was fast and high pitched. Alea’s soul pulsed through him in a frenzy. He tried to calm her, but blackness opened up and shot him out onto a long highway. Continue reading

Free Shifting Into Love First Gear!

Hey! It seems really hard to get reviews at All Romance, so I’d like to sweeten the prospect a bit. For the first five people who email me, I’ll send you a gift card from All Romance for Shifting Into Love First Gear in exchange for an honest review on the All Romance site.

Here are the instructions:

  1. Email me at asking for a gift card for Shifting Into Love from All Romance.
  2. I’ll email you the gift card soon if you’re one of the first five people. When you get the gift card you’ll have to register for an account on All Romance so that you can download the book and write a review.
  3. Download the book: pdf, Kindle or epub (Nook). Read. Enjoy.
  4. Go back to the page for Shifting Into Love First Gear and leave a review.

That’s it! If this is the first time you’ve heard about Shifting Into Love, it’s a romance with fantasy elements. Think of the movie L.A Story–it has a talking road sign, but it’s still a romance. Here’s the synopsis:


Lana lives in a bar that shifts from town to town with a magic she never questions. It never goes to the same place twice; she never sees the same man twice. When she notices Chase, a muscular cowboy with sea blue eyes, she’s more than ready for a tumble in the upstairs room…until Jones walks in.

Jones shifts through the world on a Triumph motorcycle that might take him to the east coast and seconds later take him to the west coast. He cruises by a bar in New York city and spies a woman through the window who flips his heart. When the bar disappears, his bike carries him to the heartland and the same bar from New York City. Inside he meets Lana, the woman he must be fated for. But she seems to have her eye on someone else…

Fantasy Art 2

I’ve been super focused on The Beautician and the Billionaire finale and remiss posting about the Through the Magic series. Sorry about that!

As mentioned in my first post about Fantasy Art, Kevin Yancey is doing the covers for the trilogy. I wanted something a little different than normal urban fantasy book covers because the stories are a little different than normal urban fantasy stories.

I love working with Kevin because he really listens and implements changes that I ask for. Below is a couple from an unpublished story. He got all the details right from the armor to the hair to the perfect expressions.


If you’ve bought The Beautician and the Billionaire Episode 7: The Mansion, be sure to check out the pages after the story. There’s a glimpse of the cover for the first in the Through the Magic series, Through the Painting.


Fantasy Art

I’ve mentioned that in May I’m switching genres a smidgen and publishing an Urban Fantasy Romance. Of course, my urban fantasy will be a little different because that’s the grown-ass way.

The difference starts with my cover. Urban fantasy books usually have photos:


Fantasy covers are often drawn:


The covers for the Through the Magic trilogy are all going to be drawn.

I love working with artists either photographers or painters or whatever. Masked Hearts and Thankful Hearts by Hang Le are my two favorite covers. But I always feel like fantasy stories require an intangible element that photos miss. Plus photos have the danger that another author has used them for a cover too. For the Through the Magic trilogy, I wanted covers unique to the characters and stories.

I immediately thought of Kevin Yancy who’s done some custom pictures for my Valentines I think three years now! He’s been working hard for a couple of months on the first cover Through the Painting. I thought I’d do a little exhibit of his previous works for me leading up to the cover reveal.

As you can see, he knows how to draw abs!


You can view more of his work at And next weekend I’ll post another picture he did for me.


One of my most popular posts is Becoming a Fantasy Heroine: Hair. With the upcoming release of my urban fantasy romance Through the Painting, I thought it’d be fun to do some more in the Becoming a Fantasy Heroine series.

There’s no better way to kick it off than with henna tattoos!

I love the idea of tattoos being magical. Two of my all time favorite fantasy heroines are Xena and Gabriella. There’s a fantastic scene in the series where they’re getting elaborate henna tattoos:


This week, I got together with my girlfriends for a sort of post Valentines Day celebration. I hired an artist and all of us got at least one tattoo. She was amazing! So fast and skilled. Here are some pictures from the party: Continue reading

Becoming a Fantasy Romance Heroine: Jewelry

Maybe after a fantasy romance heroine has slayed the fearsome monster threatening the kingdom, she’ll get to wear one of these:

And win the hand of him:

Prince Nkuul Mehta

But while in the midst of her quest, a fantasy romance heroine must have practicality as well as beauty. Maybe even something with magic. One of my first aquisitions for my fantasy jewelry collection was this lovely butterfly ring:



I wore it out gambling once and the blackjack dealer wanted to do a side bet for it!


And while at the renaissance fair, my lover bought me a dragon earcuff. It’s my hope that a sexy shape shifting dragon made it, but don’t tell my lover that 😉



It went great with my hair:

IMG_0581 Do you have any fantasy jewelry? I’d love to see a pic.

Becoming a Romance Fantasy Heroine: Hair

Princesses, of course, get fabulous hairstyles:

But a heroine in a story needs something practical. I always felt sorry for Rapunzel and figured she’d shave her head the first chance she got. Notice how in the latest Disney fairytale, the heroines get simple hair: one braid or two for Elsa and Anna. Easy to manage.

And in the latest reality/fantasy TV show The Quest, the heroines look practically perfect even though they battle the forces of darkness. They don’t let their fashion suffer!

When I went to the renaissance fair with my lover this summer, I found an awesome tool for hairstyles that I love to use even in reality.

IMG_0593It has dozens of ways to form the metal rings, and it keeps your hair back in a bun or a ponytail so you can fight the villian without hair blowing in your face.

Of course, since I was at the fair, I also needed to get my hair done in braids with flowers and glitter sprinkled all over:

IMG_0557What would your ideal hairstyle be if you were a romance fantasy heroine?