Fantasy Art

I’ve mentioned that in May I’m switching genres a smidgen and publishing an Urban Fantasy Romance. Of course, my urban fantasy will be a little different because that’s the grown-ass way.

The difference starts with my cover. Urban fantasy books usually have photos:


Fantasy covers are often drawn:


The covers for the Through the Magic trilogy are all going to be drawn.

I love working with artists either photographers or painters or whatever. Masked Hearts and Thankful Hearts by Hang Le are my two favorite covers. But I always feel like fantasy stories require an intangible element that photos miss. Plus photos have the danger that another author has used them for a cover too. For the Through the Magic trilogy, I wanted covers unique to the characters and stories.

I immediately thought of Kevin Yancy who’s done some custom pictures for my Valentines I think three years now! He’s been working hard for a couple of months on the first cover Through the Painting. I thought I’d do a little exhibit of his previous works for me leading up to the cover reveal.

As you can see, he knows how to draw abs!


You can view more of his work at And next weekend I’ll post another picture he did for me.

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