Party Nails

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Today’s scene mentioned Charisse’s nails for the party. This is what I imagined they looked like: Continue reading

The Beautician and the Billionaire Episode 8: The Party Scene F

Good morning! Has everyone guessed what the doctor told Charisse?Β 


Charisse stood at her bedroom window, staring out over the gardens without seeing them. She toyed with a rose on her necklace, stunned and angry at herself. She should’ve known what was going on, but all the symptoms were completely different than the first time. Continue reading

The Beautician and the Billionaire Episode 8: The Party Scene E

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When Conor reached the bottom of the stairs, he saw a couple whose name he couldn’t recall being checked in by security. Outside the early afternoon storm had blown on by, which was good considering he’d arranged for tables and a bar out in the garden. He had tents waiting in the wings, but he preferred to be under the starlight. Continue reading

The Beautician and the Billionaire Episode 8: The Party Scene B

I hope today’s passage leaves you anxiously waiting for Monday, or running to Amazon to buy it πŸ™‚


The two headed downstairs. He wanted to check on Charisse, but if she’d fallen asleep he didn’t want to wake her.

When they arrived at the bottom of the stairs, he saw his double doors open with security guards dressed in black suits standing at either side. He glanced towards the living area and saw the doctor he kept on call in The Hamptons sitting on one of his white leather couches. Continue reading

The Beautician and the Billionaire 8: The Party Scene A

The Party is finally here. What’s in store for Charisse and Conor?


Conor buttoned up his white shirt, leaving the collar open. Charisse loved him. He couldn’t stop thinking about the moment on the porch when she’d told him, even as Raul went over the party checklist with him.

β€œIs this a Picasso party?” asked Raul. Continue reading


One of my most popular posts is Becoming a Fantasy Heroine: Hair. With the upcoming release of my urban fantasy romance Through the Painting, I thought it’d be fun to do some more in the Becoming a Fantasy Heroine series.

There’s no better way to kick it off than with henna tattoos!

I love the idea of tattoos being magical. Two of my all time favorite fantasy heroines are Xena and Gabriella. There’s a fantastic scene in the series where they’re getting elaborate henna tattoos:


This week, I got together with my girlfriends for a sort of post Valentines Day celebration. I hired an artist and all of us got at least one tattoo. She was amazing! So fast and skilled. Here are some pictures from the party: Continue reading

The Beautician and the Billionaire Episode 5: Scene 10

Good morning! In case you’ve forgotten, Becca is Conor’s dead wife’s sister. She’s a pain and calling him today to be more of a pain.


Conor sat at his desk ripping a new one in a CEO who deserved it less than Roy. Conor hadn’t slept most of the night and had arrived at work feeling like a WWE fighter before a match. When Conor finished yelling, the CEO nodded his head, stood up and ran out of the office. Continue reading