Shifting Into Love First Gear Last Post

Good morning! This is the last day to enter my Giveaway! I’ll announce the winners tomorrow.

The Free Friday book is The Beautician and the Billionaire Episode 1-4

Today is also the last day for a post from Shifting Into Love First Gear. Please buy the book! Second Gear is due at the end of July.


Jones had no time to ready the brakes or calm his pounding heart when he hit the between place, as he called it. The frequency of the waves was fast and high pitched. Alea’s soul pulsed through him in a frenzy. He tried to calm her, but blackness opened up and shot him out onto a long highway.

Darkness hid most of the landscape, but by the smell of cows, he guessed he was probably somewhere in the heartland. They drove for what seemed like forever, with Alea going faster and faster. She had a place in mind, but he had no idea where until he spied the faint glow of a red neon light. Alea purred. What the hell? It couldn’t be the same bar. That bar had been in New York City. But it had disappeared much like his bike.

Alea sped up even more. Even when he tried to brake, he couldn’t. As they approached the bar, he saw what he’d suspected…the sign read Harrigan’s in scarlet neon lights.

Alea blocked off their connection like a door slamming shut. He gasped for air and had to yank off his helmet as they rolled into the parking lot. Trucks lined the lot, but there was a spot right at the door. Alea coasted into it and stopped.

Jones hung his helmet on the handlebars and stared at the motorcycle. Since she first purred into life after he’d found her and fixed her, they’d been connected. Strangely, he’d never questioned it. But now he couldn’t figure out why she’d broken off like a woman ending a relationship.

He tried to start her, but nothing happened. Panic set in. He didn’t want her to leave. He didn’t want their infinite journey to end. He didn’t want to be stuck in Timfucktu.

The hum of the neon sign pushed through his consciousness. Harrigan’s. There was something different about this bar. There’d been that woman. Even through the window he’d liked her. But there was no reason she’d be here. Or maybe all the occupants of the bar floated around from place to place like he and Alea did.

Alea tilted to the side like she was kicking him off.

“All right, all right. I’ll go in,” he said. Confused and frustrated, he headed to the door and stepped in. His heart filled with blood and rushed it back out into his veins. Even though he’d barely seen her earlier, he knew he was staring at the woman from before, standing at the end of a pool table, staring back at him.

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