Hello World…it’s been Awhile


Happy Monday!

It’s been about a year since I’ve blogged. After taking on a paying job, I just couldn’t do the writing anymore. Which made me sad, sad, sad 😦 . I’m still working, but I’ve cut my hours back so I have some time in the middle of the week to get back to writing.

To celebrate, I’ve got some treats this week! Firstly, Prime Candidate is free at Amazon today! This novella is exclusively at Amazon, so fire up your Kindle and get it!

Prime Candidate (Running Mate Book 1) by [Aster, Evelyn ]

I’d love to make writing my full time job. Please pass on my book titles to your friends! I hope you had a great year in the world of books, and I’m so glad to be a part of it again!

xoxox, Evelyn Aster



Down, Up, Down, Up

Down: I did not get the choir directing job I wanted. I was offered the job directing the Children’s Choir. Admittedly, I have a lot more experience teaching children (see Masked Hearts), but it’s not the hours and money I wanted.

Up: I played pinball with my dad followed by coffee with my cousin! My dad was in town briefly and I managed to have lunch with him twice. There is a new old-style arcade here and we had a fun afternoon beating each other at pinball. Then my cousin who lives in Italy is visiting her parents in Santa Fe and came to Albuquerque for a few hours. I had a great time catching up with her, and I’m looking forward to seeing her again while she’s in Santa Fe.

Down: Business is down for writing. I really pushed myself during the spring and feel like it had an inverse effect on readership. I don’t understand what happened. It’s depressing. So I’m stepping back from the blog and publishing. I’m going to focus my energy on the next Holiday Cafe short story and the next Holiday Cafe novel. I apologize if you are one of the few people who read and enjoyed Shifting Into Love. It will reemerge after the Holiday Cafe books are done.

Up: Nails for a Billionaire is free today everywhere but Amazon. If you need some nail ideas for the weekend, look no further than my book!


I hope you’re having a great summer!



Thanks to everyone who entered my giveaway! I hope you’ve been enjoying reading Shifting Into Love First Gear throughout the giveaway. I know I’ve thrown some readers for a loop by switching to a fantasy type genre since my other stories are contemporary. If you’re unsure about Shifting Into Love still, send me an email to evelynaster@aol.com and I’ll send an Amazon Kindle copy to the first 5 people. No strings attached. No reviews expected. I just want you to give the story a try.

Also, for all of you new to my site, The Beautician and the Billionaire Episode 1: The Deal is ALWAYS free at all vendors. Today at All Romance, The Beautician and the Billionaire Episode 1-4 is still free until 11:59 CDT.

Be sure to follow me to keep up to date on new releases and giveaways! Not to mention coffee and nails 🙂

And now the winners of $10 Amazon Gift Cards are:

Juana E.

Michelle W.

Deborah C.


I’ve already emailed the gift cards so please LMK when you get them!


Evelyn (evelynaster@aol.com)

Free Shifting Into Love First Gear!

Hey! It seems really hard to get reviews at All Romance, so I’d like to sweeten the prospect a bit. For the first five people who email me, I’ll send you a gift card from All Romance for Shifting Into Love First Gear in exchange for an honest review on the All Romance site.

Here are the instructions:

  1. Email me at evelynaster@aol.com asking for a gift card for Shifting Into Love from All Romance.
  2. I’ll email you the gift card soon if you’re one of the first five people. When you get the gift card you’ll have to register for an account on All Romance so that you can download the book and write a review.
  3. Download the book: pdf, Kindle or epub (Nook). Read. Enjoy.
  4. Go back to the page for Shifting Into Love First Gear and leave a review.

That’s it! If this is the first time you’ve heard about Shifting Into Love, it’s a romance with fantasy elements. Think of the movie L.A Story–it has a talking road sign, but it’s still a romance. Here’s the synopsis:


Lana lives in a bar that shifts from town to town with a magic she never questions. It never goes to the same place twice; she never sees the same man twice. When she notices Chase, a muscular cowboy with sea blue eyes, she’s more than ready for a tumble in the upstairs room…until Jones walks in.

Jones shifts through the world on a Triumph motorcycle that might take him to the east coast and seconds later take him to the west coast. He cruises by a bar in New York city and spies a woman through the window who flips his heart. When the bar disappears, his bike carries him to the heartland and the same bar from New York City. Inside he meets Lana, the woman he must be fated for. But she seems to have her eye on someone else…

Veteran Hearts: New Cover for the 4th!

It’s Free Friday and I went the extra mile to put a new cover on Veteran Hearts:


I’ve also done something I wanted to do with the original release but I ran out of time; I’ve put fractals at the beginning of each chapter.


Fractals are essentially never ending patterns. I would like to be known as the first romance author to have them in her book. I know, super geeky 🙂 But the main character in Veteran Hearts is a geek and loves an event in Albuquerque called Fractal Fridays.

She’s also hot to have sex with the hunky vet she’s in a book club with. Enjoy the excerpt and then download the book for FREE from All Romance. The new version is there exclusively. I won’t be uploading it to other vendors for awhile.

She walked back to her spacious closet and pulled out her most non-geeky, most frivolous, most expensive purchase ever: a pair of black stiletto Louboutin shoes. She’d bought the black apron with the crimson sash knowing it would be a perfect match to the black bow in the back of the shoes along with the trademark red soles. She’d never worn them anywhere but her house.

She sat on her bed, slipped them on and buckled the thin straps around her ankles. After walking back and forth in front of her bed to get used to the thin heels, she stepped over to the full-length mirror in the corner of her room and took a deep breath.

Followed by a sigh of relief. The black contrasted well with her pale skin. The top of the apron curved into the V of her breasts, appearing tasteful rather than slutty. She turned to see her bare back. Her ass wasn’t sculpted like an actress, but it wasn’t flabby either. In fact, it looked pretty good. The shoes did their job making her butt and breasts look their best—she’d finally feel like she’d gotten her money’s worth from the purchase if Kyle reacted as she hoped.

She turned to face herself again. A necklace would be perfect, but she didn’t own a lot of jewelry.
The doorbell rang. Another deep breath. She could do this. She gave herself a shy smile and walked away from the mirror.

Her heels clicked against the hardwood floor and to the front door. The scent of red chili and cheese filled her house. “Who is it?” she called.


She couldn’t tell from his voice if he was nervous or not. It hadn’t been loud, but he was never loud. She paused with her hand on the doorknob. She could do this. She could be vulnerable for him. She couldn’t think of any other man she’d wear an apron and nothing else for, but Kyle was everything she wanted in a man.

She turned the knob and swung the door open.

Kyle’s dark brown eyes widened. His jaw dropped. He stood with a bouquet of fall colored flowers and dusky roses. She thought he’d drop that too.

Her heartbeat sped up. His reaction was just what she’d hoped for.

There was no breeze, but the air was cold enough to harden her nipples beneath the apron. She noticed his eyes paused at her breasts as he kept looking her up and down.

“Come in,” she said with a grin. “I just need to take dinner out of the oven.”

She spun around on one of her spiked heels, thankful she hadn’t fallen yet and strutted towards the living room, which led back to the kitchen. After a moment, she worried that he wasn’t going to come in after all, but then the door slammed.

Fast footsteps told her he was coming right to her. The bouquet of flowers flew over the back of the couch and onto the cushions right before strong arms encircled her waist. He brushed his lips against her ear as he spoke. “I’m afraid dinner’s gonna burn.”

Corporate Fire is Free!

Looking for something to fill the gap before Shifting into Love begins? Corporate Fire is FREE at All Romance.


She put her head on her knees, trying to block out the rest of the world. But the cold from the rock crept through her ski pants and kept her alert. The sound of skis drew near.
To make the moment worse, she heard the voice that at breakfast had raised the hairs on the back of her neck. “Hey, anything I can do to help?” Continue reading

Free Compilation of The Beautician and the Billionaire!


Hello! I have exciting news! My editor sent back Episode 9. Hooray! I still have to go through all the notes and fix things, but Episode 9 is very close to being done.

Which means the compilation of all nine episodes is almost done.

Which means Charisse and Conor have almost reached their happily ever after!

I’d like to give you lovely blog readers the opportunity to read the final episode before anyone else in exchange for a review somewhere on the internet, like a blog, Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Goodreads.

Here’s the deal to receive an advance review copy of the compilation The Beautician and the Billionaire:

  1. Email me at evelynaster@aol.com and tell me the file copy you would like to receive. You can choose from Kindle, epub, or pdf.
  2. Sometime over the weekend, you will receive a Dropbox link for the requested file type.  Click on the link and download your copy. (It’s too big to send through email.)
  3. Read!
  4. When I get the book uploaded for sale, I’ll send you a link to Amazon and Barnes and Noble letting you know it’s up for sale and reviews are welcome. You can review it anywhere you like. You don’t have to review on Amazon or B&N. For example you may prefer to review it on your blog, Goodreads or other vendors. Please be honest!
  5. I’d appreciate receiving a link to your review.
  6. Around the end of June if I haven’t heard from you, I might send a friendly reminder, but only one. I won’t hound you. Please remember I’m from New Mexico and we hate hard sales tactics here 🙂
  7. Thank You!

You have until Friday night to email me, and then the offer ends. It’s a great opportunity to get all nine episode of The Beautician and the Billionaire bundled together for FREE! Otherwise it’ll cost you $9.99. I hope to hear from you soon!


The Beautician and the Billionaire Episode 1 Re-Release!

Available for FREE at all vendors!


With the upcoming release of the final episode of The Beautician and the Billionaire, I’ve gone back and cleaned up some of the continuity errors that happen when writing off the cuff. The books in my Holiday Cafe series see a few drafts before they reach my editor, and then they see some more drafts after the first pass by Julie. But I didn’t have Episode 9 done before I started posting Episode 1. I didn’t even have Episode 2 done!

I’ve really enjoyed writing something so spontaneous. It’s been fun to add scenes based on reader reaction. That happened early on and then more recently with Episode 8. When I do another serial like this, I hope for more reader comments. That’s a big part of what makes writing a serial fun.

But I definitely had to make adjustments. For example, Raul is merely a driver in Episode 1. As the story progressed, I realized he needed to be more like a personal assistant because he had a much bigger role to play than originally planned. So I’ve gone in and changed all of Conor’s references to him to assistant rather than just driver.

Another error I had was when Conor first spoke to Becca. Originally he hadn’t spoken to her in three years, but as the story developed, I realized she would’ve been tormenting him all those years. So that’s changed.

I’m slowly getting the updated versions out to the public. I uploaded Episode 1 to Amazon yesterday, but they seem particularly slow and haven’t gotten the title updated. However, All Romance and Smashwords have the new versions with the new cover. If you’re new to my blog, the first Episode is free! Please check it out!



Released at Amazon!


Good morning! Episode 6: The Banquet is now available at Amazon and Smashwords!

Here’s a run down of the prices and links:

All Romance:

The Beautician and the Billionaire Episode 6: The Banquet $1.99
The Beautician and the Billionaire Episode 5: The Captain FREE (Limited time Sale)
The Beautician and the Billionaire Episodes 1-4 $1.49 (Limited time Sale)


The Beautician and the Billionaire Episode 6: The Banquet $1.99
The Beautician and the Billionaire Episode 5: The Captain $1.99
The Beautician and the Billionaire Episodes 1-4 $1.49 (Limited time sale. Price changed across world markets)


The Beautician and the Billionaire Episode 6: The Banquet $1.99
The Beautician and the Billionaire Episode 5: The Captain FREE (Limited time Sale)
The Beautician and the Billionaire Episodes 1-4 $1.49 (Limited time Sale)

I’m hoping to get The Captain free on Amazon, but it’s a much longer process. Barnes and Noble links will come in some time over the weekend. Please fill your coming weekend with The Beautician and the Billionaire and let me know what you think!