Happy New Year!

2016 ended with a kick to the gut: All Romance ebooks closed down. It was a very dramatic departure for authors and publishers. For me, it meant my selling strategy for 2017 disintegrating. I had purchased a year’s subscription of advertisements and had big plans.

I’m still in the process of rebuilding my plan, but as you can see part of it is a new blog look!

Overall, though, 2016 was a good year. I hope yours was too. I’m looking forward to bringing you more hot heroes, nifty nails and classy coffee in 2017 here at:


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New Release!

I don’t know about you, but I was fed up with the election back in July. Fortunately for me (and hopefully for you) the election inspired a story! Light on politics and heavy on sex, Prime Candidate will have you voting for more!

tieSenator Mitch Malone is on the hunt for the perfect running mate. He wants Governor Camila Garcia: dynamic, smart and smoking hot. But Camila’s secret sex life dooms her to the bottom of the list.

As the primaries progress, Mitch can’t get Camila off his mind despite the disapproval of his campaign manager. Camila vows to stay away from men until he’s chosen a running mate, but will it be enough?

Please go over to All Romance and buy it now!!!

Vampire Slayer Chapter 1 Part 2

Good morning! In case you missed it, I have a new novella out in a box set called Fangs, Fur and Fantasies. The box set contains 6 stories for only $0.99! Last week I posted the first half of chapter 1 for my story Vampire Slayer.  Here’s the second half:

Okay, before you think you’ve entered a historical/paranormal romance set in the 1990’s when video stores were a thing, let me explain. I live in Albuquerque, NM current day. I know, I know… desert is not the natural habitat for a satyr. Fuck, I don’t think it’s a natural habitat for anything outside of rattlesnakes, but it’s where I’ve made my home. Maybe it’s the mañana attitude, but I guess enough people haven’t gotten around to digital streaming yet, making a hard copy video store still a viable living in Albuquerque.

Video stores are the perfect front for catching vampires. If the place has a back room, like mine does, the vamp can lure customers there, suck ’em dry and be gone before anyone is the wiser. Or better yet, lure the owner there, suck him dry and the vamp has a whole new base of operation. Continue reading


What a great week this has been for reviews! Several reviews have gone up for the anthology I’m in Fangs Fur and Fantasies at both Amazon and Goodreads. Thanks to Tera who said Vampire Slayer was her favorite!

And a huge thanks to Susan Voss for reviewing Shifting Into Love at her Dab of Darkness blog! That was a welcome surprise! Please run over and check out what she has to say. Then stick around and read some more of her reviews. She is always insightful.

And if you’re wondering what to read this weekend, grab Fangs Fur and Fantasies. Six stories for only $0.99…including mine, Vampire Slayer!


Or if you’re looking for something that doesn’t quite fit into any genre but has romance and surreal fantasy, try Shifting Into Love!



Vampire Slayer…the Beginning

Wow! There are some great reviews for the Fangs Fur and Fantasies Box Set over at Goodreads!  Please check them out!

To tempt you, I’m posting a bit of my story Vampire Slayer for the next few days. Please enjoy the excerpts! Be sure to buy it at Amazon or Barnes and Noble!

1| The Love Shack

People should watch porn more often. It’s like a how-to course that gets you off. Of course, I don’t need any pointers, but most people could learn a thing or two from ’em, like Kyra, my summer hire.

“No!” she exclaimed, slamming the store door open. Continue reading


I know it’s been forever since I’ve posted, but I have been writing! Despite adjusting to my new day job, I was able to get a paranormal novella ready for a Paranormal Box Set!


From six bestselling authors comes a collection that will steam up your ereaders. In this set are authors that are your old favorites and some that will become your new favorites with brand new stories not available anywhere else!

This boxed set is a paranormal and sensual feast. These are stories you can really sink your teeth into and they won’t bite back, much. So join them as they weave tales for you that titillate and delight, but keep a cold drink handy so you can cool off!

Fighting for Her Dragon by Julia Mills
One doomed dragon. One very special woman. One destiny no one could have predicted. Will they save dragon kin or destroy it?

The Incubus by Fallen Kittie
Heath contends with his conscience. Day by day, his resignation grows. He is consumed by disbelief. Life becomes monotonous. Everything is just frigid functionality. Love is what he was cursed to find. In a world where grounded in cynicism and cold science where even the erotic does not cease to become empirical, can love really exist? Can the heart beat beyond its vapid ventricles? Well, Edith thinks so…

Shifter Most Wanted by Catherine Vale
When Gia moves into a new neighborhood, nothing could prepare her for what she discovers in her back yard. Not only is her neighbor absolutely gorgeous, but he’s a freaking werewolf. But Gia has a secret of her own, and when the two come face-to-face, the chemistry is nothing short of breathtaking.

Vampire Slayer by Evelyn Aster
Jazz is a satyr ridding the world of evil one vampire at a time. He meets a vamp who forces him to protect a mortal and open his heart to her.

The Billionbear’s Secret Baby by Alyse Zaftig
When Drake meets Annika, he knows that she is his fated mate. After he abandons her, she realizes that he left behind a present. When he comes back, can she resist his werebear magic?

Rampaging Desire by Crystal Dawn
Dillie needs to win back the mate who rejected him. He has one night to convince her he’s her perfect match. Sara hasn’t been happy since she broke up with Dillie. Tonight is the masked ball. Why can’t she stop thinking about the male who she let get away?

Only $0.99 at Amazon!

I’ll post an excerpt from mine soon!