Free Shifting Into Love First Gear!

Hey! It seems really hard to get reviews at All Romance, so I’d like to sweeten the prospect a bit. For the first five people who email me, I’ll send you a gift card from All Romance for Shifting Into Love First Gear in exchange for an honest review on the All Romance site.

Here are the instructions:

  1. Email me at asking for a gift card for Shifting Into Love from All Romance.
  2. I’ll email you the gift card soon if you’re one of the first five people. When you get the gift card you’ll have to register for an account on All Romance so that you can download the book and write a review.
  3. Download the book: pdf, Kindle or epub (Nook). Read. Enjoy.
  4. Go back to the page for Shifting Into Love First Gear and leave a review.

That’s it! If this is the first time you’ve heard about Shifting Into Love, it’s a romance with fantasy elements. Think of the movie L.A Story–it has a talking road sign, but it’s still a romance. Here’s the synopsis:


Lana lives in a bar that shifts from town to town with a magic she never questions. It never goes to the same place twice; she never sees the same man twice. When she notices Chase, a muscular cowboy with sea blue eyes, she’s more than ready for a tumble in the upstairs room…until Jones walks in.

Jones shifts through the world on a Triumph motorcycle that might take him to the east coast and seconds later take him to the west coast. He cruises by a bar in New York city and spies a woman through the window who flips his heart. When the bar disappears, his bike carries him to the heartland and the same bar from New York City. Inside he meets Lana, the woman he must be fated for. But she seems to have her eye on someone else…

Publishing Update

Wow! Masked Hearts is getting Great reviews on Amazon!¬†Five 5 star reviews in the US and one 5 star review in Canada. One hundred percent five stars! One reviewer says it’s a great fall book, so give it a try even if we’re past Halloween. Reading the reviews gets me excited about the next one, which I’m working on now.

The next Holiday Cafe Book will be Thanksgiving, coming out next fall. It’s an intense love story between an Afghanistan veteran and a bank manager. They meet on the internet and, of course, come together at the Holiday Cafe. I’m loving writing it.

But….my next book and new series just returned from the first read through by my editor! Corporate Fire will be released in January. I’m working on her suggestions, and I’m so happy it doesn’t need a major rewrite. We’re also looking at cover artists and thinking about designs.

So lot’s of work happening over here. I can’t wait to share my stories with you!