New Cover and more Photo Editing

Today I updated the compilation of The Beautician and the Billionaire Episodes 1-4–both the cover and the story:


The new version is available at All Romance and Smashwords. I’m waiting for it to push through to the rest of the vendors.

I also worked on another billionaire. I didn’t like the plain white background on this billionaire and tried an ocean background:

Let me know what you think because I’m unsure!

Fantasy Art 2

I’ve been super focused on The Beautician and the Billionaire finale and remiss posting about the Through the Magic series. Sorry about that!

As mentioned in my first post about Fantasy Art, Kevin Yancey is doing the covers for the trilogy. I wanted something a little different than normal urban fantasy book covers because the stories are a little different than normal urban fantasy stories.

I love working with Kevin because he really listens and implements changes that I ask for. Below is a couple from an unpublished story. He got all the details right from the armor to the hair to the perfect expressions.


If you’ve bought The Beautician and the Billionaire Episode 7: The Mansion, be sure to check out the pages after the story. There’s a glimpse of the cover for the first in the Through the Magic series, Through the Painting.


Shifting Into Love Cover Clip

Since I’m spending the big bucks on covers for the Through the Magic series, I’m doing the Shifting Into Love cover myself. I chose the motorcyclist with help from you. Thank You! My learning curve is pretty steep using GIMP, and I’ve figured out how to blend two pictures together. Here’s a clip of what I’ve done:


What do you think? Should I figure out how to make the motorcyclist brighter? All comments welcome. Maybe we can make this a really great cover together!