Shifting Into Love First Gear Last Post

Good morning! This is the last day to enter my Giveaway! I’ll announce the winners tomorrow.

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Today is also the last day for a post from Shifting Into Love First Gear. Please buy the book! Second Gear is due at the end of July.


Jones had no time to ready the brakes or calm his pounding heart when he hit the between place, as he called it. The frequency of the waves was fast and high pitched. Alea’s soul pulsed through him in a frenzy. He tried to calm her, but blackness opened up and shot him out onto a long highway. Continue reading

Shifting Into Love First Gear: Fluctuation b


Good morning! I was busy yesterday formatting and uploading. Shifting Into Love First Gear is on sale at All Romance for $1! You can download it for Kindle, Nook, epub and pdf.

Shifting Into Love First Gear is also available Amazon!

I’ll let you know when it’s up and other sites.

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And now I’ll continue the story…. Continue reading

Motorcycle Hero

I mentioned last night that I’m working on transforming Shifting Into Love from a short story to a novella. I’ve been checking out different photos for the cover and wanted your opinion. Here’s tonight’s offering:


Yay? Nay?

I wish he had a leather jacket on or no jacket instead of a hoody.

Also, Shifting into Love is a slip stream story, which means it has fantastical elements with no explanations. Readers have been telling me they’d like to know why Samantha’s connected to the bar. Why her sister isn’t connected. Where the heck did the bar come from anyway? I’d love to hear from more readers about the backstory issue. Do you want more details about the bar, or do you like not knowing?

Thanks for the help! Please comment below!