Entrepreneur Billionaire Vote and Yesterday’s Winners!

Congratulations to Mary Ann! She’s the winner of the $5 gift card to Amazon and the personalized e-copy of Nails for a Billionaire when it comes out in May!

Congratulations to Samantha! She’s the runner up winner of a personalized e-copy of Nails for a Billionaire when it comes out in May!

We have a tie for the best Corporate Billionaire. Your winners are:

Billionaire 3 came in with a close second, so I might find a spot for him in the book 🙂

Corporate Billionaire 3

But so long Billionaire 2. You were a little too douchey for everyone I think 😀

For those of you who have just stopped by, here’s a run down of the rules:

  1. Each day this week, I’ll be posting 4 pictures in one of the categories.
  2. In the comments, please vote for your favorite picture. The man who gets the most votes will be featured in the book.
  3. After 24 hours, I’ll close the voting, put the names of everyone who voted in a hat and draw out two names.
  4. The first name drawn will recieve a $5 gift card to Amazon and a free personalized e-copy of the book when it’s released at the beginning of May. The ebook will have a page thanking you for supporting my book and blog and a special picture of the billionaire you voted for. Check here for an example.
  5. The second name drawn will also receive a free personalized e-copy of Nails for a Billionaire as described above.
  6. I’ll post the winners at the top of the next day’s voting blog. Vote every day!

Today’s category is the Entrepreneur Billionaire. He often comes from a poor or middle class family, takes risks and affords a more unorhtodox appearance than the Corporate Billionaire.

Your choices are:

Entrepreneur 1
Entrepreneur 2
Entrepreneur 3
Entrepreneur 4

Please vote for your favorite by leaving a comment below. I love to hear the reason behind your pick too. Tell a friend about the prizes and fun!

And if you’re new to the Beautician and the Billionaire series, the first one is free at Amazon.

Voting ends tomorrow at 5:15 MDT.

Episode 7 is out at All Romance!

Pack your bags and head to All Romance to see if Charisse will trust Conor, and if Conor will release her from the contract.


Rumors say Conor killed his wife. Charisse’s eyes say she believes them. But Conor won’t give up on Charisse. She’s become too important to him.

When he forces Charisse to stay at his mansion in The Hamptons under contract, he realizes it’s his own guilt he must face, or he’ll never have the happily ever after he needs with Charisse.

In other exciting news, The Beautician and the Billionaire Episodes 1-4 has been selected as The Deal of the Day for March 24! It’s on sale for only $1.50.


Episodes 5, 6, and 7 are all on sale for $1.00. If you’re new to the series or are missing an episode or two, now’s a great time to catch up!

Thanks for reading!


New Review!

New Readers

I hope everyone who celebrated Christmas had a great day! I was pleasantly surprised to come back to the internet and find several purchases of my books and a new review!

Thanks to Stacey is Sassy for reviewing Masked Hearts! She’s a frequent commenter here, and I really appreciate her reading my stories and sharing her thoughts on them. She has a blog that you must check out; not only does she do book reviews, but she does fashion. Sometimes she combines books and fashion. It’s a lot of fun!

From her review of Masked Hearts:

Masked Hearts was a sweet story with a little angst. Mark was by far the star of the show with his romantic heart and love for his children. Sienna was definitely sweet, but drove me crazy when she let people manipulate and use her. When she eventually stood up for herself, I saw a turning point in her character and it was definitely for the better.

And good news for readers: I messed up the end date for my sale at All Romance on Masked Hearts and Thankful Hearts. You can still get them each for only $1!!

And be sure to follow my blog for the start of The Beautician and the Billionaire Episode 4: The Past. Or purchase Episode 4 at All Romance and read it now!

The Beautician and the Billionaire Episode 1, Scene 9

Welcome back! Thanks for all the likes on Friday’s post! I really appreciate it! I hope you enjoy this scene as much. If you’re joining the story for the first time, please go to the first post! 


Charisse caught her breath. He wore a black suit perfectly tailored to the smooth lines of his body. A cobalt tie matched his eyes that shone even in the subtle lighting of the apartment. His hair appeared untouched, just like it had been when he left Ma Charisse. Her eyes paused when she saw him carrying a single white rose.

“Good evening,” he said to Marie.

“Uh, hi. I didn’t expect you to come up.”

He held out the rose. “I wanted to deliver this personally. I’m sorry for being rude to you when we met.”

Wow. It was probably the most elegant apology Charisse had ever seen. Continue reading