More Nail Photo Editing

I’ve been working hard on Nails for a Billionaire. The view was great at Michael Thomas Coffee Roaster today. I of course had my drink:

mocha cappuccino

And then the Albuqueruque Fire departmanet showed up. Mmmmmmmmmmmm. Next time I really need to ask to take their picture.

When I quit being distracted by the hot men, I got back to work and changed up another pic for my book:

rainbow nails 1 rainbow nails

And for all you moms out there:

hands shaped in a heart with rose

Happy Mother’s Day!

New Cover and more Photo Editing

Today I updated the compilation of The Beautician and the Billionaire Episodes 1-4–both the cover and the story:


The new version is available at All Romance and Smashwords. I’m waiting for it to push through to the rest of the vendors.

I also worked on another billionaire. I didn’t like the plain white background on this billionaire and tried an ocean background:

Let me know what you think because I’m unsure!

Picture Editing

Nails for a Billionaire is a huge project. I wasn’t quite thinking this through when I decided on it. I especially wasn’t thinking clearly when I decided I could get it out by the end of May. But I haven’t given up by any means.

As you know, I’ve been learning photo editing and graphic design skills. I get excited about every new task I learn how to do. I wanted to share a couple of photos with you tonight and see what you think.

The original Corporate Billionaire photo looked like this: Continue reading

Shifting Into Love Cover Clip

Since I’m spending the big bucks on covers for the Through the Magic series, I’m doing the Shifting Into Love cover myself. I chose the motorcyclist with help from you. Thank You! My learning curve is pretty steep using GIMP, and I’ve figured out how to blend two pictures together. Here’s a clip of what I’ve done:


What do you think? Should I figure out how to make the motorcyclist brighter? All comments welcome. Maybe we can make this a really great cover together!