The Beautician and the Billionaire Episode 8

Good morning! I hope you had a great weekend. When we last left the story, Josh had been trying to contact Charisse and actually showed up at the salon while she was in The Hamptons with Conor. Episode 8 opens the next day in New York City with Charisse and Marie catching up at lunch. Enjoy!


Charisse took a long sip of her coffee, trying to keep her attention focused on Marie. She’d spent a grueling morning spilling details of her relationship with Josh to Conor and his lawyer. She hadn’t wanted anyone to know about some of those things, especially a current boyfriend. Mortifying was the word for the morning. Continue reading

BB Episode 3: The Third Ship Scene 3b

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Charisse bowed her head and clenched her fists. She didn’t deserve the bitchiness. She’d been able to tell Conor off the first time she’d met him. It was time she asserted herself to her family too. She looked up and said, “I’ve always made room for you, even when I had a full schedule. And you never even so much as thanked me. So if you’re gonna be rude about it, go back to giving me the silent treatment.” Continue reading

B&B Episode 2 The Contract: Scene 2b

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Charisse paused to stare at the facade of her salon. Gold edging on beige paint immediately brought France and royalty to mind, at least for Charisse. And apparently Conor. Maybe they could work together. He’d noticed her Versailles theme right away. Working with a suit was entirely different than dating a suit. She wouldn’t care if he stayed detached all the time…in fact it would be preferable. Continue reading

The Beautician and the Billionaire Episode 2: The Contract

Welcome to the second Episode of The Beauticain and the Billionaire! If you’re new to my blog or the story, there’s a page with all of Episode 1: The Deal. There’s also a sidebar on my Homepage with scene links to what I’ve posted so far of Episode 2: The Contract.

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We finished the first Episode when Conor told Roy he’d take over Roy’s silent partnership in the beauty salon Ma Charisse because of the loss of three ships. Roy has called an emergency meeting with Charisse and Marie to discuss it.



Ma Charisse was abuzz the day after Marie’s date with Conor. It seemed as though there was a social media blitz with pictures of the two of them together on the couch at the cocktail party. As much as it was taboo to use cellphones for pictures at those events, a few people always seemed to get away with it. One of Charisse’s lady luvs had been kind enough to show Charisse a picture of Marie pouring a shot down Conor’s throat. She’d wanted to stab the screen with her scissors, but had just as quickly been confused by the emotion. It didn’t matter if Conor had let Marie do that. She wasn’t interested in him. Continue reading

The Beautician and the Billionaire Episode 1, Scene 6

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When they walked out from behind the partition, Charisse guessed that Conor was still scowling because Marie gave her a look that said, “What did you do to him?”

Charisse shrugged and tried to say, “I’m sorry,” with her eyes.

Tanya sat in one of the waiting chairs with a magazine in her lap, but it wasn’t even open. Her eyes practically glowed with delight as the drama continued to unfold. She had to be chilly by now with the air conditioner blowing on her wet head. At least the rest of the salon didn’t stare so openly at them.

Marie stood by the salon chair and spun it around for Conor to sit in. “What happened? Did Charisse burn you? I’m always telling her she keeps the water heater too high.”

Charisse bit her lip. Conor was already mad—maybe because he fell asleep or maybe because she called him a rat bastard—but whatever it was, Charisse didn’t want to exacerbate it by arguing with Marie.

“The water was perfect. I can smell the coffee in here. What do I have to do to get a cup?” He dropped down into the chair still looking one full moon away from changing into a wolf.

“Mei, please get Mr. Grishin a cup of coffee. Would you like cream and sugar?”


The receptionist ran back to the coffee maker. Even Marie appeared as if she had second thoughts about trying to flirt with him.

“You should offer it right away,” he snapped.

Maybe he hadn’t had enough caffeine, and that was why he’d fallen asleep. “Mei always offers a coffee or water right away, but I’m afraid Marie interrupted her, and then you were so anxious to get your hair cut.” Charisse mentally patted herself on the back for not pointing out that he’d kicked a customer out of her chair.

She pulled out a fresh comb and scissors from her drawer and began to work. Though he seemed to seethe, he didn’t comment further. At least he wouldn’t be able to complain about the coffee. It was one of the secrets to the success of her salon.

Mei soon appeared with his coffee in a fine china cup. Charisse’s comb paused in midstream as she watched him sip. He had a flash of surprise in his eyes, and his anger ebbed.

“You should offer chocolate too.”

Not even a compliment for the coffee. “Chocolate?”

Versailles Photo by Julie Schober

“Yes, so your customers feel like they’re part of Louis XIV’s court.”

“That’s a brilliant idea,” gushed Marie, who’d never commented on the Versailles theme. “You could get those little dark chocolate squares. No wonder you’re a billionaire.”

Charisse cringed. Marie was trying way too hard. She couldn’t really blame her though; he hadn’t even looked Marie’s way since he sat down.

Conor drained half the cup and put it on the countertop. How did he do that without burning his mouth?

Conor said, “So how are you improving on my stylist of ten years who’s trained all over the world?”

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The Beautician and the Billionaire Episode 1, Scene 4

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Marie made a strangled sound like a cat choking. Charisse’s defense of her sister switched like lightning to mortification over insulting a client. She didn’t dare glance around the salon. She was sure everyone gaped at her. “I’m so sorry Mr. Grishin. Women all over love this cut on men. It’s only me. I’m sure Marie’s right—you must have the best stylist in New York.” Continue reading