More Nail Photo Editing

I’ve been working hard on Nails for a Billionaire. The view was great at Michael Thomas Coffee Roaster today. I of course had my drink:

mocha cappuccino

And then the Albuqueruque Fire departmanet showed up. Mmmmmmmmmmmm. Next time I really need to ask to take their picture.

When I quit being distracted by the hot men, I got back to work and changed up another pic for my book:

rainbow nails 1 rainbow nails

And for all you moms out there:

hands shaped in a heart with rose

Happy Mother’s Day!

The Beautician and the Billionaire 7: Scene 9

Happy Monday! Over the weekend I announced my Billionaire Giveaway! You don’t actually get a billionaire (wouldn’t that be nice), but you do get to help me pick out the photos for the billionaires in my upcoming picture book Nails for a Billionaire. Come back this afternoon for the first chance to vote and win!

On with Episode 7:


Charisse stared a moment more at the tree with the bouquet of dead roses tied to it before she turned back towards the hedge maze. She no longer wanted to go out to the beach where she guessed the landing platform was for the zipline that had run from the balcony of the master suite to the ocean. When she’d found an old article on the Internet about the accident, she’d been driven to walk where she thought the course had been. But seeing the dead roses had twisted her heart, causing her to reach out to him with a text. He probably wouldn’t answer it. Continue reading

The Beautician and the Billionaire Episode 7: Scene 3


Charisse ran along a hedge. She could hear the water gurgling on the other side. She’d saved the maze for the end of the day but hadn’t managed to get to the middle, much less out the end. Even in the fog, it hadn’t looked so complicated from her bedroom. But now in the warm afternoon sun, frustration riled her. Continue reading


Sorry I didn’t get the next part of Episode Three posted, but look at what I’ve been working on:


Yes, you’re seeing that right: Episodes 1-4! It’ll be published this week! Episode four will come out individually as well, but I won’t be blogging it until January. And, I won’t be posting all of Episode 4. This blog has an R rating, and I’ve been reluctant to change it to X. It’s been a tough decision, but some of the scenes are going to be available in the for sale editions only.

Tomorrow I’ll be back with more from Episode 3. I’ll also have a more definitive release date. My Hot Java Team is scattered right now. Some went to New York, others went to Hawaii, and they left me here in NM chained to my computer!

I can’t really complain, though, because I love the work. See you tomorrow!

The Beautician and the Billionaire Episode 1: The Deal

Thank you for tuning in to my first post for The Beautician and the Beast! I’m not doing this alone. I’d like to thank my team at Hot Java LLC for all of their support, Lover for taking me away to Puerto Rico so I could recharge and the authors of Write. Publish. Repeat. for basically saying in their book to keep doing what I’m doing.

And a special thanks to my two Beta readers for reading and commenting on the first three segments: Lauren Szymanski from and Megan Cox @booksragirlsbf on Twitter.

I truly hope you enjoy Beautician and the Billionaire:


Continue reading