The Beautician and the Billionaire 7: Scene 9

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On with Episode 7:


Charisse stared a moment more at the tree with the bouquet of dead roses tied to it before she turned back towards the hedge maze. She no longer wanted to go out to the beach where she guessed the landing platform was for the zipline that had run from the balcony of the master suite to the ocean. When she’d found an old article on the Internet about the accident, she’d been driven to walk where she thought the course had been. But seeing the dead roses had twisted her heart, causing her to reach out to him with a text. He probably wouldn’t answer it. Continue reading

B&B Episode 2 The Contract: Scene 5c


Conor leaned across the desk, swung his hand around and grabbed Roy by his tie right up at the neck. He yanked the tie, slamming Roy’s chest against the edge of his desk. Sweat beaded across Conor’s forehead and his vision blurred in his rage.

“The investigation was routine for an accident of that sort. But the reporter overheard the conversation with the police and wanted to blow up the story. I paid the police nothing.” Continue reading