Mother’s Day Marble Nails

I hope everyone had a great day celebrating with your mothers or being the mother celebrated! I enjoyed the family gathering at Il Vicino which is a lovely pizza place here and in Colorado I believe. I’m still stuffed and we ate at noon!

I did my nails up fancy and wanted to show them off to you. I’m still not getting the perfectly symetrical effect that I see on the web, but I like the results. I tend towards the chaotic anyway.


jewel marbling

Be sure to come back tomorrow and find out more about Charisse collapsing right before the party!

More Nail Photo Editing

I’ve been working hard on Nails for a Billionaire. The view was great at Michael Thomas Coffee Roaster today. I of course had my drink:

mocha cappuccino

And then the Albuqueruque Fire departmanet showed up. Mmmmmmmmmmmm. Next time I really need to ask to take their picture.

When I quit being distracted by the hot men, I got back to work and changed up another pic for my book:

rainbow nails 1 rainbow nails

And for all you moms out there:

hands shaped in a heart with rose

Happy Mother’s Day!