Picture Editing

Nails for a Billionaire is a huge project. I wasn’t quite thinking this through when I decided on it. I especially wasn’t thinking clearly when I decided I could get it out by the end of May. But I haven’t given up by any means.

As you know, I’ve been learning photo editing and graphic design skills. I get excited about every new task I learn how to do. I wanted to share a couple of photos with you tonight and see what you think.

The original Corporate Billionaire photo looked like this:


I decided it had a boring background for a book that’s supposed to be a visual feast. So I change it to this:


One of the nail pictures for the corporate billionaire had a plain white background:


So I changed it to this:


What do you think? Good changes? Bad changes? I’d really like to know!

2 thoughts on “Picture Editing

  1. Good changes! Are you using photo shop? I’ve used it some, but Victor is real good at it. He doesn’t like me offering his services, but just so you know… In case you get stuck on something. I’m sure he’d help if you asked! I fooled around with blending to remove the under eye bags in a photo of myself. It’s easy to do too much and have it end up looking like you got a bad face lift. Have fun with it!

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    • Thanks! I’m using GIMP because I’m cheap and it’s free. LOL about the face lift! I might send you guys over the mock up of Nails for a Billionaire to see how to make it better.


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