B&B Episode 2: The Contract Scene 4

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And now on with the story…


Charisse focused snip to snip. The gray haired woman was a regular customer who kept her hair short. Charisse didn’t want to mess it up just because she had a Billionaire trying to take over her business.

Snip. Comb. Snip.

She needed to tell her lady luvs what was going on. This would be completely out of the blue to them no matter what. But it seemed like it would be worse if she told them before she had all the details. Marie had freaked her out more than she wanted to admit. She hadn’t read the initial documents Daddy had drawn up. The more she thought of the day when she’d signed them, the more it seemed Daddy had practically insisted she sign without reading them. It had to be nerves. Daddy wouldn’t make her do anything that she didn’t want to do.

Except she didn’t want Conor as a business partner, and Daddy was forcing her into that. Continue reading

The Beautician and the Billionaire Episode 1, Scene 5

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When Charisse turned off the water he said, “It must’ve been hard to get this place started. I like the hint of Versailles. Do you have a partner?” he asked.

She smiled when he talked of Versailles. She’d tried to model the studio after it, but no one had ever noticed before. Continue reading

Becoming a Romance Heroine: Hair

I have super thick hair that I used to keep short. And then for awhile, I didn’t do anything with it at all. What kind of romance heroine doesn’t tend to her hair?

But last year at a charity girls night out event, I met a hairdresser who is awesome. So I’m giving her and the hair salon a shout out today. If you live in Albuquerque, NM you must try D’Ambrosio Designs Hair Studio. My hair dresser is Natalie Ramirez. When I first went to her, my hair was a disaster, but after a year of regular care my natural waves are a plus rather than a hindrance, and it feels oh so soft. I love the way my hair feels now.

The owner of the salon Marcus D’Ambrosio runs a great business. His stylists are always punctual, but if you get there early for your appointment, you can enjoy a variety of coffee–always important!

This picture is a few weeks after my most recent haircut–still soft and wavy!


Indulge yourself at a salon this weekend, and if you live in ABQ check out D’Ambrosio. You’ll be very glad you did!



Becoming a Romance Fantasy Heroine: Hair

Princesses, of course, get fabulous hairstyles:

But a heroine in a story needs something practical. I always felt sorry for Rapunzel and figured she’d shave her head the first chance she got. Notice how in the latest Disney fairytale, the heroines get simple hair: one braid or two for Elsa and Anna. Easy to manage.

And in the latest reality/fantasy TV show The Quest, the heroines look practically perfect even though they battle the forces of darkness. They don’t let their fashion suffer!

When I went to the renaissance fair with my lover this summer, I found an awesome tool for hairstyles that I love to use even in reality.

IMG_0593It has dozens of ways to form the metal rings, and it keeps your hair back in a bun or a ponytail so you can fight the villian without hair blowing in your face.

Of course, since I was at the fair, I also needed to get my hair done in braids with flowers and glitter sprinkled all over:

IMG_0557What would your ideal hairstyle be if you were a romance fantasy heroine?