Becoming a Romance Fantasy Heroine: Hair

Princesses, of course, get fabulous hairstyles:

But a heroine in a story needs something practical. I always felt sorry for Rapunzel and figured she’d shave her head the first chance she got. Notice how in the latest Disney fairytale, the heroines get simple hair: one braid or two for Elsa and Anna. Easy to manage.

And in the latest reality/fantasy TV show The Quest, the heroines look practically perfect even though they battle the forces of darkness. They don’t let their fashion suffer!

When I went to the renaissance fair with my lover this summer, I found an awesome tool for hairstyles that I love to use even in reality.

IMG_0593It has dozens of ways to form the metal rings, and it keeps your hair back in a bun or a ponytail so you can fight the villian without hair blowing in your face.

Of course, since I was at the fair, I also needed to get my hair done in braids with flowers and glitter sprinkled all over:

IMG_0557What would your ideal hairstyle be if you were a romance fantasy heroine?




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