Becoming a Romance Heroine: Hair

I have super thick hair that I used to keep short. And then for awhile, I didn’t do anything with it at all. What kind of romance heroine doesn’t tend to her hair?

But last year at a charity girls night out event, I met a hairdresser who is awesome. So I’m giving her and the hair salon a shout out today. If you live in Albuquerque, NM you must try D’Ambrosio Designs Hair Studio. My hair dresser is Natalie Ramirez. When I first went to her, my hair was a disaster, but after a year of regular care my natural waves are a plus rather than a hindrance, and it feels oh so soft. I love the way my hair feels now.

The owner of the salon Marcus D’Ambrosio runs a great business. His stylists are always punctual, but if you get there early for your appointment, you can enjoy a variety of coffee–always important!

This picture is a few weeks after my most recent haircut–still soft and wavy!


Indulge yourself at a salon this weekend, and if you live in ABQ check out D’Ambrosio. You’ll be very glad you did!



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