Practicing my barista skills today. I haven’t decided on a drink for the next Holiday Cafe book, but I have a few ideas. Also, my urban fantasy series coming out in May, Through the Magic, will take place at a coffee house in Old Town Albuquerque. That story will be all about the special roasts, but I might want a few fancy drinks for it too.

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Summer Frappe Bar is Open

In an attempt to save some money this summer, I’ve decided to cut back on my visits to coffee shops. But I don’t want to cut back on frappes 🙂

The Madhava Organic Salted Caramel Coffee Syrup Agave Sweetened Low Glycemic is the best ever! As you can see, I’m not always a person to buy organic, but this was exactly the flavor I wanted so I gave it a try. Wow! I have to try their other flavors now because it’s so rich. I found it at Target of all places. If you are a salted caramel fan you must get it!

Corporate Fire is now on sale for a $1.99. If you missed it last week, there’s still time to get it for less than full price!

Thanks for all the new likes last week! It was an exciting week for me!