Practicing my barista skills today. I haven’t decided on a drink for the next Holiday Cafe book, but I have a few ideas. Also, my urban fantasy series coming out in May, Through the Magic, will take place at a coffee house in Old Town Albuquerque. That story will be all about the special roasts, but I might want a few fancy drinks for it too.


The first drink I made today is a medium Bolivia roast mixed with dark chocolate hot chocolate. I sprinkled a blend of cinnamon with a dash of nutmeg on top.


The second drink I made is a frappe with a shot of espresso and a tablespoon of Buttery Cookie Caramel sauce. This has definite possibilities for a Christmas time drink. I’ll have to try it hot.

I’ve had quite a few Holiday Cafe sales this month! You don’t need to wait until Halloween, Veterans Day or Thanksgiving to enjoy them. Buy them today!





2 thoughts on “Barista!

  1. Thanks! I’m working on perfecting a raspberry black tea latte. I’ll post the recipe for you when I get it just right.


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