Shifting Into Love Cover Redo

A couple of months ago I was working on the cover of Shifting Into Love with a motorcyclist and the face of a woman. I never really got it how I liked it.

I’ve been working on it again with new skillz I got in class. Here’s my current idea:


What do you think? I’d really like some thoughts.

As far as the story goes, I’ll be taking Shifting Into Love off my site soon. When I wrote it as a crowd chooses romance story, I kept the story fairly uncomplicated. I’ve aways thought there was a deeper story to tell, which is what’s happening now. So if you want to read the original version, your time is running out!

Free Nail Art Book!


Hello! I hope you’re having a great weekend. I sent all the personalized copies of Nails for a Billionaire to all of the winners in my voting contest. If you won, and you haven’t received an email from me, please contact me at

I have exciting news for the rest of you: Nails for a Billionaire is FREE for a limited time at All Romance! You can download it for Kindle, Nook, any epub reader or pdf. Honestly I like the pdf file the best on my laptop because I can see the details of the nails the most.


This is a glimpse into the Beautician and the Billionaire series with over 70 nail designs you’ll want to show to your manicurist. This is NOT a DIY guide. If you want to snag a billionaire, you have to spend the bucks!

There’s a running monologue throughout with a bit of a story that I hope you enjoy in addition to the nail designs. Thanks for being my readers! Please enjoy my gift to you!