Shifting Into Love Cover Redo

A couple of months ago I was working on the cover of Shifting Into Love with a motorcyclist and the face of a woman. I never really got it how I liked it.

I’ve been working on it again with new skillz I got in class. Here’s my current idea:


What do you think? I’d really like some thoughts.

As far as the story goes, I’ll be taking Shifting Into Love off my site soon. When I wrote it as a crowd chooses romance story, I kept the story fairly uncomplicated. I’ve aways thought there was a deeper story to tell, which is what’s happening now. So if you want to read the original version, your time is running out!

6 thoughts on “Shifting Into Love Cover Redo

      • Can you gloss up his skin a bit which will make the tattoo on his arm stand out? I just wonder if the black and white is making it a bit dull? I still think black and white…but a little shine to his skin would make his muscles stand out. Just a though šŸ˜‰

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      • Yes, I can make it shinier šŸ™‚ I also think there needs to be something else in it but not sure what. Stay tuned over the weekend.

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      • I was definitely thinking about making the font bigger. I’ll play with different ones too. I was copying a font for a new series of books that seem popular, but you are not the first to suggest a different font šŸ™‚

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