Bad News


This was not my best weekend. I literally made myself sick getting Episode 4 published and the compilation of Episodes 1-4 published. Episode 4 by itself isn’t even on Amazon or Smashwords or a whole bunch of other places yet 😦 I feel like I’m back in college, and I just finished Finals week.

I also had to put my cat down after a very traumatic evening 😦

What all this means for you, my wonderful readers, is I won’t be getting the Holiday Cafe Box set out with a new short story for Christmas 😦

Yikes, three frownies in one post. I don’t like that at all.

The good side of all this is I will use my time that’s not dedicated to Christmas to writing more of the Beautician and the Billionaire. I’ll also try to get Episode 4 preposted like I did Episode 1. I loved knowing each day that scenes from Episode 1 were ready to roll.

If you’d like to read Episode 4 now it is available at All Romance:


If you’re new to The Beautician and the Billionaire, you can now read the first four episodes in one file:

On Sale at All Romance for $2.49
At Amazon for full price.
At Smashwords use coupon code JV42Q to get it for $2.50 until December 21!


Please leave a review and let me know how I’m doing!

Here’s looking forward to a better week!


 (c) Can Stock Photo

(c) Can Stock Photo

Wow! Thanks for all the new follows on my blog and twitter yesterday! And thanks to the original followers for not dropping me!

In case you missed it, Monday I’m beginning a sensual story on my blog that I’ll be serializing throughout several months. Though my published stories are explicit, the blog has been PG-13. This is all changing. So drop me if you don’t want sex in your inbox, and follow me if you do!

And now, to reveal the title and synopsis of my up coming project…..

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