Bad News


This was not my best weekend. I literally made myself sick getting Episode 4 published and the compilation of Episodes 1-4 published. Episode 4 by itself isn’t even on Amazon or Smashwords or a whole bunch of other places yet 😦 I feel like I’m back in college, and I just finished Finals week.

I also had to put my cat down after a very traumatic evening 😦

What all this means for you, my wonderful readers, is I won’t be getting the Holiday Cafe Box set out with a new short story for Christmas 😦

Yikes, three frownies in one post. I don’t like that at all.

The good side of all this is I will use my time that’s not dedicated to Christmas to writing more of the Beautician and the Billionaire. I’ll also try to get Episode 4 preposted like I did Episode 1. I loved knowing each day that scenes from Episode 1 were ready to roll.

If you’d like to read Episode 4 now it is available at All Romance:


If you’re new to The Beautician and the Billionaire, you can now read the first four episodes in one file:

On Sale at All Romance for $2.49
At Amazon for full price.
At Smashwords use coupon code JV42Q to get it for $2.50 until December 21!


Please leave a review and let me know how I’m doing!

Here’s looking forward to a better week!

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