Thankful Hearts Made a 2015 Favorite List!

I got really behind on my blog reading over the holidays. But when I was catching up on Romance Novels for the Beach, I found she had put Thankful Hearts on her list of favorites for 2015!!

I’m truly honored. This is a first for me!

Here are a couple of behind the scenes statistics from my business meeting over the weekend:

  1. Thankful Hearts is my number one selling book ever!

Best Seller At All Romance!

2. Veteran Hearts is my most downloaded book ever. Even though it was free for a limited time, it eeked out the win over The Beautician and the Billionaire Episode One with over 1000 downloads!

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If you haven’t read them yet, I hope you do! The stories are still relevant even outside of the holidays they center around.

#30 on All Romance Best Seller!

BestsellerIcon100X100 (1)

I’m still on the list, and I moved up a little bit! To celebrate, I’m keeping Thankful Hearts on sale for $1.00 through Thanksgiving! AND as a bonus I discounted Masked Hearts down to $1.00 as well! Tell your friends the Holiday Cafe is serving handcrafted discounts at All Romance!

In other great news, Love Serially reviewed Thankful Hearts! Here’s a taste:

Evelyn Aster has clearly spent some time researching and thinking about soldiers returning from home. In fact, her opening notes thank a veteran for reading the novel, which I think is awesome. This is not an easy romance. It bounces back and forth, much the way I imagine the thoughts and emotions of a veteran suffering from PTSD.

Be sure to read the whole review!

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