The Beautician and the Billionaire 7: Scene 9

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On with Episode 7:


Charisse stared a moment more at the tree with the bouquet of dead roses tied to it before she turned back towards the hedge maze. She no longer wanted to go out to the beach where she guessed the landing platform was for the zipline that had run from the balcony of the master suite to the ocean. When she’d found an old article on the Internet about the accident, she’d been driven to walk where she thought the course had been. But seeing the dead roses had twisted her heart, causing her to reach out to him with a text. He probably wouldn’t answer it. Continue reading



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Masked Hearts is an erotic romance between a single dad and his son’s kindergarten teacher. The romance begins at the Holiday Cafe where the two meet over their favorite drink: Toil and Trouble with extra cinnamon.

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9 | Coffee Break

Sienna jerked around at the squealing tires and saw a black Corvette turning into the Holiday Cafe parking lot. When she recognized Mark as the driver, she wanted to jump into her own car to get away. But she just stared instead. She didn’t want to go over to Carol’s house and eat lunch with her and Glen. Already her heart ached over how many times she and Glen had done that while they were engaged.

Mark pulled his car into a spot right in front of her. The cafe was fairly empty still—Chloe wasn’t even at work yet. Maybe she had Sunday off. Sienna clutched her Toil and Trouble to her chest as Mark hopped out of his car. “Hey,” he said, “I thought you sang in the choir.”

She wanted to laugh at herself for thinking he’d say something like, “That was a great fuck last night.” Of course he’d be more civil than that. And he’d better not mention last night at all. And if he did, he’d better say it was great.

She said, “We sing at the earlier service. The service going on now is contemporary, with a rock band and everything.”

He seemed to be suppressing a laugh. “Naturally, you go to the traditional service.”

She knew it was a reference to how he saw her as a paradox, but she chose to ignore it. It verged on talking about last night. “Did you come by for a Sunday morning coffee?”

“No. I had to go have a fight with my ex-wife. I was on my way home when I saw you pacing here. Is there a reason you’re outside? It’s pretty cold this morning.”

“It seems to be a day for exes. I’m supposed to go have lunch with mine and his mom.”

“That sounds awful. Why don’t you join me inside?”

Sienna held her breath. It shouldn’t be so strange since they’d talked in the cafe for a couple hours yesterday, but that was before they’d screwed like two strangers at a rave. And before he’d given her a rose and a card. “Just for a little bit.”


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Elegant Treat

This weekend my lover made an elegant treat for me that I wanted to be sure to pass on to you: red sparkling wine over berries. Though the sparkling wine is good, the best part is eating the berries when the drink is gone. Delicious and romantic!


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