The Beautician and the Billionaire 6: Scene 4

When we last left Charisse and Conor, Conor was seducing Charisse into a morning tumble in the sheets. Thanks to all of you who purchased Episode 6 over the weekend to find out what happened!! I’m still smiling about it this morning! Here are the plot points you missed if you haven’t read the sex scene: Conor intentionally did not bring her to climax, but she was so good he promised her a week in Puerto Rico. Enjoy!


When Charisse finally showered and dressed, she made her way to the kitchen, hoping there would be something for her for breakfast. She wasn’t expecting a full bacon, eggs and hash brown meal, but a bagel would be good or at least a cup of yogurt.

Like everything in the penthouse, the kitchen was much bigger than the one in her apartment. It had white marble floors and counters against black cabinets. Such a man kitchen. The stainless steel appliances gleamed at her under several small but bright recessed lights in the ceiling. There was an island in the center, and a round table was set in a nook to the side. On the table was an acai bowl sprinkled with granola. She loved acai bowls. She took a bite of the blended fruit even before she sat down. Another cup of coffee sat to the side of it with a note. She read the note as she sipped the still steaming brew: Charisse, The car is waiting for you. Clear your schedule for next week and put Letti in charge. Instructions for the night will arrive later. –Conor

Charisse rolled her eyes. What a romantic. She crumpled the note in her hand. The shower had washed away most of her remaining lust, but a small part of her still wished he’d clear his calendar and spend the day in bed with her. Just how he wanted her to feel.

She’d never wanted a man before as she had wanted Conor earlier in the bedroom. She wouldn’t have noticed the Apocalypse with Conor touching her. Until he missed a spot. Charisse sighed and ate her breakfast. She wanted that week in Puerto Rico to happen now. Just the two of them together.

When she finished, she took her bowl over to the sink. On the island she saw a pad of paper with writing on it. Glancing at it, she guessed it was Raul’s to-do list: Buy more clothes for Charisse, get tuxedo ready for tonight, send flowers to Lana.

Charisse resisted the urge to throw the bowl on the ground. She’d forgotten about the model. She put her hand to her mouth. What if he hadn’t worn a condom with Lana. And even if he had—ewwwwww! She set the bowl in the sink and ran back to her bathroom. As she scoured her teeth again with the toothbrush, her anger took over.

The tuxedo had to be for the banquet she’d turned him down for. He must be taking Lana. But she was getting instructions for tonight. Maybe she was supposed to fuck him and dress him and then be ready to fuck him again when he returned. With nothing to vent her rage on, she kicked the bathroom door, and then again because it had actually relieved some of her anguish.

“Is everything okay?” asked Raul’s voice from the other side of the door.

Charisse flung the door open. “Your boss is a rat bastard,” she said as she walked past an astonished Raul. “I’m going to work.”

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