B&B Episode 3: The Third Ship Scene 1b


Charisse dropped into the closest chair at a sink. She’d lost all sense of balance and feared falling flat on her butt. “I didn’t think you were interested in him anymore. I know you were embarrassed by all the roses he sent to the salon, and I tried to cover that up for you. I explained to my lady luvs later that they were because he was taking over Daddy’s partnership. But he and I were alone, and I didn’t think–” Continue reading

B&B Episode 2: Scene 2


Charisse stood on the curb and allowed the clash of horns and shouting to fill her head. She stared unseeing at the traffic going by. There was no way Conor should want anything to do with her salon. It had barely started making a profit. Any three of her father’s paintings would be worth far more than her business.

“Hey, ma laideur, let’s go,” said Marie. Continue reading