Bonus Post! Scene 7d


Thanks for all the new follows this week! I really appreciate it! I won’t be posting more of the story on Monday because it’s a holiday, so I thought I’d post twice today. After this scene is the big moment when Conor and Charisse decide to have sex, sex, sexy sex for the first time. I’m not giving the milk away for free here, so you’ll have to buy it from your favorite vendor. Here are some links for your ease of shopping:

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I hope you have a great three day weekend if you live in the US, and have a great two day weekend if you live in other countries of the world! I’ll be back Tuesday with the fall out of Charisse and Conor having sex.

BB Episode 4 Scene 7d

He walked towards the swing, lifted part of the large cushion and took out a blanket that was in a compartment underneath. He spread it out on the ground, and they sat down together. She got to work getting the food out. She’d packed two thermoses with potato soup, blueberry muffins she’d made herself along with oatmeal cookies. It seemed meager now that she’d walked through the garden he’d planted himself. Continue reading