Bonus Post! Scene 7d


Thanks for all the new follows this week! I really appreciate it! I won’t be posting more of the story on Monday because it’s a holiday, so I thought I’d post twice today. After this scene is the big moment when Conor and Charisse decide to have sex, sex, sexy sex for the first time. I’m not giving the milk away for free here, so you’ll have to buy it from your favorite vendor. Here are some links for your ease of shopping:

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I hope you have a great three day weekend if you live in the US, and have a great two day weekend if you live in other countries of the world! I’ll be back Tuesday with the fall out of Charisse and Conor having sex.

BB Episode 4 Scene 7d

He walked towards the swing, lifted part of the large cushion and took out a blanket that was in a compartment underneath. He spread it out on the ground, and they sat down together. She got to work getting the food out. She’d packed two thermoses with potato soup, blueberry muffins she’d made herself along with oatmeal cookies. It seemed meager now that she’d walked through the garden he’d planted himself.

Her self-consciousness made her start to ramble as she opened the thermoses and poured the soup into the cups that came with them. “I’m sorry. I offered to bring you dinner and then I realized you probably had a professional chef and wouldn’t need anything from me, but Raul insisted that I still bring something. It’s not much because I didn’t know if you’d have any sort of an appetite…”

He set his hand on her waist. “Charisse, it smells wonderful. There’s nothing to apologize about. I’ve been living on Ritz crackers and ginger ale for the past two days. Not exactly the lifestyle of the rich and famous. It means a lot to me that you made this for me.”

Charisse blinked and gave a small smile. She put a spoon in his soup and handed the cup to him with both hands. It was an old recipe handed down from her great-grandmother made with bacon, cheese and potatoes along with onions, celery and cream. The garlic was her personal touch.

She watched him take a bite, hoping he liked it but fearing it wouldn’t be fancy enough.

When he swallowed, he grinned and said, “How did you know I love bacon? It’s the perfect remedy for a migraine.”

“I would’ve thought you were weird if you didn’t like bacon.”

They laughed and Charisse finally dug into her own portion.

The conversation flowed smoothly, but Charisse could tell Conor was tiring. The dimming light of the sky brought out the shadows more under his eyes.

He ate two bowls of her soup and half a muffin before he stretched out his legs and laid down. “I’ll have to have the cookies for breakfast, but that was delicious. Thank you.”

Taking his words as her cue to leave, she started packing up the basket. “You’re very welcome. I hope you’re feeling better. I love your penthouse. You should create an interior landscaping company. All the other billionaires would be clamoring to hire you.”

Conor laughed with deep tones filling the picnic area. He rolled onto his elbow and said, “I don’t want to do it as a business. I think that would take away the enjoyment. Why do you look like your getting ready to leave?”

Charisse wrinkled her nose at him. “Because it’s clear to me, you need to go to bed and get some rest. I’m worried I’ve stayed too long.”

He shook his head slowly. “You’ve given me the first reprieve from pain in days. As grateful as I am, I’m still going to ask you for a huge favor.”

Charisse’s pulse quickened. She didn’t know what more she could do, but she wanted to stay longer. Just being around him made her happy.

“What’s that?”

“Could you massage my head? I haven’t slept the past two nights, and your massages are like magic.”

She flushed as she recalled the last time she’d shampooed his hair, and she’d ended up on his lap and hard, hard erection. She couldn’t allow that to happen tonight, but she couldn’t turn him down either.

She said in a voice that attempted to imitate her yoga instructor, “Just a massage. Nothing like what happened last time.”

He smirked. “Sadly, I’m in no shape for anything more than a massage. You might just put me to sleep.”

Unsure how to ask the question that needed to be asked, she decided to go with direct. “Um, if I put you to sleep, I won’t want to wake you. Should I let myself out and take a taxi home?”

He sat back up and put an arm around her shoulder. He slid his other hand behind her hair, causing her to shiver with pleasure. After a tender kiss he said, “If I fall asleep, wake me up and I’ll call for Raul to get the car. I want to ride home with you. Now that you’re spending time with me, I don’t want it to end.”

She couldn’t help but to kiss him back and then again and then again. Her body burned with desire for him. She couldn’t stop kissing him. She rubbed her hard nipples up against his chest, wanting to be closer to him. What was wrong with her? He’d just said he was in no shape for sex. And there was still the matter of the contract.

She forced herself to stop and pulled away.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “I don’t know what came over me just now. Where would you like me to massage your head?”

She gazed at him for a moment, waiting for him to answer. He stared back with an intensity she couldn’t handle and shifted her eyes towards the view of Manhattan. The sky had deepened into a twilight blue, and the buildings were lighting up across the city.

At last he murmured, “Let’s go to the swing. It’s as comfortable as my bed.”

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