The Beautician and the Billionaire 7: Scene 12b

Good morning! The voting and giveaway will resume tomorrow. I need to finish my taxes among other things.

Episode 8 will be published this week!

In the meantime, Conor and Charisse might be finally moving ahead as a couple:


Charisse sat in a booth, holding hands across the table with Conor. She had a strange sense of familiarity mixed with the giddiness of a first date. When she saw Conor, her spontaneous response had been defiance. But by rolling with it, Conor had given them the fresh start they both wanted. Continue reading

The Beautician and the Billionaire 7: Scene 12

Good morning! There’s been a slight schedule change. My editor and I decided last night that Episode 8 should be split into two episodes. Episode 8: The Party will come out next week as scheduled, and the final episode will come out in May along with Nails for a Billionaire. Which Means Shifting Into Love and Through the Painting won’t be coming out until June and July.

I’m actually pleased that my planning was only off by one episode! Please look forward to the future releases!


Conor closed the black velvet jewelry case and slipped it into his coat pocket. Perfect. Now he had to figure out the best time to give it to Charisse. Continue reading