Becoming a Romance Heroine: Exercise, Epic Fail

Back in October, I decided that exercise, particularly Yoga, was what I needed next in my journey to become a Romance Heroine. The first week was fantastic. I had more energy, and I lost two pounds. But then I was promoting my book. I quit exercising. I was back to being like this Internet meme:


Establishing an exercise routine is freaking hard. It takes like a month to make it a habit. Before that month kicks in, anything will distract me: a new book to read, a new book to write, mochas to drink, men to drool over, clever dates to think up. Then the rationalizing kicks in: I heard thinking is the only way to burn carbohydrates so reading and writing count as exercise, I need that mocha to keep my mind sharp so I can keep reading and writing and burning off carbohydrates, everyone says sex is a great exercise, so really a date should count.

A month and a half later after all this rationalizing, I gained back the two pounds plus three more.

Soooo, I’m starting exercising again. The goal is to exercise five times a week. I got three in last week, but I did just decide this Thursday. I took yesterday off, but I spent an hour really cleaning the kitchen so that should count right?

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Becoming a Romance Heroine: Yoga

Dear Readers,

I do intend to finish Becoming a Fantasy Romance Heroine soon! I didn’t like one of my pictures and wanted to retake it. Please enjoy getting back to contemporary times for a bit 🙂

It seems to me that contemporary romance heroines take Yoga or Pilates. I don’t know anything about Pilates, but I have a couple of acquaintances who teach Yoga–one teaches Hot Yoga even. Yoga or Pilates, the point is a romance heroine keeps herself in good shape. Please note that I say “good shape” and not super thin or model perfect.

I have always considered myself to be fit, but definitely not super thin or model perfect. Between the ages of 3-18 I took some form of dance lesson every year, mostly tap but I dabbled in ballet and jazz. That was a great foundation for my adult health. And for quite a bit, as an adult, I kept myself very active.

But recently, not so much. For the first time I have slipped over from “healthy weight” to “overwieght.” I’m not very far over the line, but I haven’t told you the worst.

The worst is I have the stupidist injury ever: from sitting on my butt all the time writing and from sleeping on the same side every night, I injured my T-band which is a band that runs from hip to knee. When my doctor prescribed physical therapy as my treatment, I thought I’d be there with senior citizens recovering from hip replacement. There were a few senior citizens, but mostly there were super athletes who over extended their muscles doing their super exercises and making me feel super pathetic.

Fortunately, my trainer was super cute 🙂

So now my physical therapy is over, and I feel much better. But I’m still a little overweight and my leg strength is definitely not what it used to be. I am not a romance heroine 😦

This morning, I took out the old Wii Fit board, dusted it off and started up the program. I know it’s so 2008, but it’s a good start. Unfortunately, my scores have really dropped from when I did it the first couple of years I had it–especially my Yoga scores. The only good report was I’m still 4 years younger in Wii Fit age than my real age.

My goal is to lose 15 pounds in three months and to build up my balance and strength again. I’ll keep you posted on how it’s going. Wish me luck!