Becoming a Romance Heroine: Exercise, Epic Fail

Back in October, I decided that exercise, particularly Yoga, was what I needed next in my journey to become a Romance Heroine. The first week was fantastic. I had more energy, and I lost two pounds. But then I was promoting my book. I quit exercising. I was back to being like this Internet meme:


Establishing an exercise routine is freaking hard. It takes like a month to make it a habit. Before that month kicks in, anything will distract me: a new book to read, a new book to write, mochas to drink, men to drool over, clever dates to think up. Then the rationalizing kicks in: I heard thinking is the only way to burn carbohydrates so reading and writing count as exercise, I need that mocha to keep my mind sharp so I can keep reading and writing and burning off carbohydrates, everyone says sex is a great exercise, so really a date should count.

A month and a half later after all this rationalizing, I gained back the two pounds plus three more.

Soooo, I’m starting exercising again. The goal is to exercise five times a week. I got three in last week, but I did just decide this Thursday. I took yesterday off, but I spent an hour really cleaning the kitchen so that should count right?

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