Corporate Fire is Free!

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And Corporate Fire is Free!


I’ve been told by a few readers and friends that Grace is a little too crazy to be the star of a story. But I like to think that even the cray-cray have a shot at true love 🙂 Give her a chance and let me know what you think!

She slept without dreams.

A hand on her waist and the backs of fingers brushing her cheek drew her into a foggy sort of consciousness. She opened her eyes to Royce gazing back at her with an expression she’d never seen on a man before. If her thoughts were clearer she might’ve described it as tenderness or sincerity, but those didn’t really cover all the emotions.

In her haziness all that registered was that this man made her happy, while others made her cringe. She turned her head so that her cheek pressed into his fingers. “You came back.”

His fingers straightened, allowing her cheek to settle into his palm. “I promised you dinner, remember? I’m sorry I woke you. It’s just that you look like a beautiful flower, and it was hard to keep my hands to myself.”

“Mmmm, I don’t mind at all, but it’d be better if you kissed me again.”

He leaned in closer. His hand at her waist heated her through the material of her dress. His breath caressed her cheek. “I’m trying not to break your rules. We haven’t had three dates yet. Tonight is only our first.”

“Well,” she said, barely above a whisper, “we could count the night at the bar when you sent me all those sweet notes as our first date, this morning at breakfast as our second date and the ski race as our third date.”

He breathed in deeply and leaned in even more. “I don’t think so. They were unplanned, and the first one ended with you slapping me, the second one ended with you telling me to leave you alone and the third one ended with you breaking your leg. Dinner tonight will be our first date, and I hope a thousand times better than those.”

“You realize you’re forcing me to break my own rule again then.”

She lifted her head up off the pillow, just enough to kiss him. Her fingers wrapped around his neck to pull him down, but he pressed into her on his own and pushed her head back against the pillow. His hand slipped between her and the bed and slid up her back.