The Beautician and the Billionaire Episode 4: The Past Scene 3


Charisse pressed through to the end of Saturday, wishing she’d agreed to see Conor that night. Marie either shut down or ranted about Daddy whenever they talked too long about Mother; Charisse didn’t want to listen to any of that. And she sure as heck wasn’t going to call Daddy and ask about Mother or Raul. But Conor had seemed more than willing to listen to her work through her problems. She needed to quit turning him away. Continue reading

BB Episode 3: The Third Ship Scene 3

Happy Thanksgiving!


There’s a Starbucks in my Hotel, but it does not have free wi-fi 😦 So I’m going to hopefully pipe this post through the hotspot on my phone. I really didn’t want to skip today because:

  1. I have a lot of international readers and
  2. I neglected BB while I released Thankful Hearts and Veteran Hearts.

So if this actually works (my connection is very slow) and if you read this Thanksgiving Day post and leave a comment below, I will put the names of the commentors in a hat and draw one out to receive a $5 Amazon Gift Card. The Flash Giveaway will last until November 27 at noon Pacific Standard time. That’s a little less than 24 hours. Please comment on the story and Good Luck!


Charisse spent the next few days as a hollow husk. Outwardly she kept up appearances at work, speaking nothing of Conor owning the salon. She wore designer jeans with her favorite Manolo Blahnik pumps and sheer blouses with cami’s underneath. Her make-up was perfect and her curly hair pulled up. But inside she felt nothing but the chill of abandonment. Continue reading