The Beautician and the Billionaire Episode 2: Scene 5b


Conor sat back and studied Roy and Marie. Relief was written all over Roy’s body from his relaxed shoulders to the way he held the canister in one hand at his side rather than clutching it to his chest.

Marie, however, crossed her arms under her breasts and narrowed her eyes. Roy was of average to short height and Conor guessed that in heels, Marie probably stood as tall as him. Odd that after her defiant years in college she’d let Roy run her life at all. But it didn’t sound like she was going to be agreeable now.

She said, “Actually, I was in negotiations with Conor. I think he has a more interesting job for me at his floral distributor.” Continue reading

The Beautician and the Billionaire Episode 1, Scene 11

Welcome back! The date has gone downhill after the white rose, but clearly Conor wishes Charisse was there. What will Marie do?


This was all Charisse’s fault. Those hands, those incredible hands, had soothed away every barrier he put up to push through the day untouched by emotion. Charisse wasn’t supposed to have the magic touch Elise had had. No one should ever match Elise.

He should’ve just skipped the haircut and left after the shampoo. But he was in the habit of always paying back pain people caused him. By the end of the appointment, something told him that asking Marie out would be a blow to Charisse. And so he’d been a rat bastard. He had no interest in Marie. He was with the wrong sister. Guilt crept in again. He should just take Marie home. Continue reading