The Beautician and the Billionaire 6: Scene 8c


He gave her a long kiss as he finished. His grip loosened, and Charisse reluctantly relaxed. She didn’t want them to pull apart. He’d turn into a beast again, she was sure.

But he lifted her into his arms and staggered over to the couch. When they arrived, he said, “It’s freaking cold in here,” turned away from the couch and kept walking.

To her surprise, he took her to his bedroom, not hers. Maybe he wasn’t going to growl at her or send her out for another dress. He tossed her on the bed, pulled the covers back and allowed her to get under them before he slid under the covers next to her.

And then he held her.

And caressed her.

And smoothed her hair back.

She silently drank in his attentions. If she spoke, she might break the spell.

His hand caressed down to her neck, and he pulled back.

Crap, he’d noticed.

“You’re not wearing the necklace I bought you.” His voice was sharp.

She’d thought he’d notice right away, and at the time she didn’t care, but now she feared he’d use it as an excuse to get mad at her. It was silly, she knew, but since they’d made the verbal agreement, everything had been different.

“I asked Raul to leave a note for you saying I needed your help putting it on. I couldn’t get the clasp to connect, and I didn’t think you wanted me to ask Raul to do it.”

He pulled her close again. “Of course I’ll help. I should’ve saved it to put on you myself anyway.”

She sighed in relief.

“Is something wrong?” he asked.

She didn’t want to tell him she’d been afraid of his reaction to the necklace. She scrambled in her mind and said, “The dress was lovely.”

“Too lovely.” His voice was close to a growl. “I didn’t want anyone seeing you in it.”

After a moment of hesitation, she whispered, “Then may I stay home from the banquet?”

Conor pushed his head up on his fist. His sapphire eyes appeared quizzical rather than mad, but she still feared the conversation would make him angry. She didn’t want that, but she didn’t want to go to the banquet either.

“Why don’t you want to go?”

She gazed back at him for a moment and then averted her eyes. “I haven’t been to something like this since I fainted. I remember at that party trying to ask people for help. I don’t know if I wasn’t really asking or if they were just that cold, but no one helped me but Marie.”

He leaned down and kissed her. His hand on her belly warmed her. When he pulled back he said, “I would’ve helped you had I been there. I would’ve spent about one second thinking Josh was an asshole, and the rest of the time trying to make sure you left with me. And if you’d told me you were in pain or sick, I would’ve gotten you to the hospital right away.”

She knew she should say something, but she was too busy imagining what it would’ve been like if Conor had been at that party. She lifted her head and kissed him instead of saying anything. He rolled on top of her, and she hoped they’d have sex again and forget about the banquet.

But when he ended the kiss, he said, “There are more dresses in your closet that I’m sure will be beautiful, but hopefully not too beautiful.”

She couldn’t help but giggle.

“What?” he asked.

“Most men like to show off their possessions.”

“This one doesn’t want his stolen.”

He kissed her again, and his erection grew against her thigh. She opened her legs for him, but he groaned, ending the kiss. He rested his forehead on hers. “I hope you’re using some sort of birth control because I forgot to use a condom again. I used one yesterday. I’m sorry.”

She could sense that he was worried she’d freak out again. “It’s okay,” she said. “I still had some birth control pills from before. I started taking them again.” She left off that she hadn’t taken the Plan B pill.

“I’m sorry, again. I’m usually much better about it, but you drive me to distraction.” He kissed her with his cock just outside her entrance but pulled away. “See what I mean? We need to be leaving, and I’m ready to have you even after twice at the window. But after the banquet, I’m taking you away.”

He rolled off her without any more of an explanation. She hoped they were going to Puerto Rico. He’d said she’d earned one week there, and he’d told her to clear her schedule for all of next week.

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