Masked Hearts Chapter 5

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5 | The Decision

The washing machine chugged through its cycles with a driving rhythm as Sienna tended her orchids by her front window, ignoring the phone still in her purse in the living room. She should’ve stuffed it under a couch cushion or something because she could still hear the damn phone when it rang—so far, Glen had called a half dozen times.

She allowed a drizzle of water to fall from the can as she recalled Mark’s kiss—his body toned and powerful, his lips tender yet lustful. Glen’s kisses had been more forced than passionate and a little bit slobbery.

Her phone chimed a text notification. She cut off the stream of water and scooted on her knees to the next orchid. When it chimed again to remind her that she had a message waiting, she set down the watering can and pulled herself up off her knees. She walked to her phone and clicked it on: Mark’s address as promised. Time to decide.

She dropped the phone and walked to the bathroom, looking in the mirror at her boring clothes and plain Jane appearance. Even if she went for the movie date, she’d have to spice herself up. It was hard to believe he’d chosen her over Mia; Mia seemed much more his type with her beauty and, judging by her Audi and designer clothes, money.

But she was the one with Mark’s address on her phone. Visions of snuggling close to him on the couch while a movie played filled her mind. Maybe he’d have some wine out, and he’d said something about roses…

The washing machine buzzed the end of the load, smashing her picturesque date.

She turned from the mirror and headed to the coat closet. Not much of a selection there either except—she pulled some coats away from the corner and saw the black leather jacket that she’d bought fresh out of college. Maybe with some heels…

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