New Cover for Masked Hearts!

Hello! I know I have been MIA for a week now. Sorry about that 😦

The business end of writing has been kicking my butt. Trying to get all the books lined up so they link back to each other on each separate venue is days of work, especially the more stories I get out there. I’ve also been working on Thankful Hearts and LOST the latest compilation when my computer froze, rebooted and updated. I had saved the file, but I can’t find it. I’m going to give the search one more go and then give it up. My editor and I send the chapters back and forth one at a time, so it was several chapters with the changes accepted and comments dealt with that I had put back together for the final file. At least it wasn’t ALL the chapters.

But the light in my difficult week was receiving the new cover for MASKED HEARTS!!!!

Although I liked the old cover very much, I regretted not having a couple on it. So I asked the lovely Hang Le to make me a new cover and I LOVE it!

Masked Heart FOR WEB

Masked Hearts is a Halloween Erotic Romance available for $0.99 until November at these places:

All Romance
Barnes and Noble

So download Masked Hearts, head to your favorite coffee-house, buy your favorite drink and have a great day!

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