Corporate Fire on Sale for $0.99!

Corporporate-Fire-FOR-WEBToday through Thursday, Corporate Fire is on sale for $0.99 at Amazon! Here’s an excerpt to whet your appetite:

10| The Second Date

After reading several tips and suggestions, Grace sorted through her clothes. Royce was right about waiting for intercourse: it would be better if she wasn’t reeling from her job loss, her broken leg, her new relationship with him. Still, she felt like someone binging after a long, restricted diet and having her doughnut ripped out of her hand. She wanted to make love to him all night, she wanted them to feel together the intense pleasure she’d just experienced.

Her hands shook as she sorted out her clothes and changed. It really shouldn’t be so nerve racking to offer a guy a blow job. That’s what they all wanted, right?

The ache in her leg didn’t help, but she refused to take her medicine. She didn’t want him to think she was offering because her brain was loopy.

She put on her red knit pajama shorts and white cotton cami—not lacy lingerie, but she hadn’t planned on being with a man tonight. She was supposed to be dining alone and returning to her room to work on her app. She folded up her dress, placed it in the outside compartment of her suitcase and zipped it shut. What a depressing night that would be compared to how it’d turned out, broken leg and all. She collapsed back into bed, exhausted from the effort. After resting for a moment, she ticked off the techniques she’d read about online for giving good oral sex to a man, but she knew she’d already forgotten some. She grabbed her phone to refresh her memory. When Royce knocked on the door a few minutes later, she closed the window and put the phone on the nightstand.

“Come in,” she called.

She heard the whir and click of the electronic lock before the door swung open. Royce stood in a black t-shirt tucked into jeans. The stubble over his bruise gave him a bad boy air that turned her on.

He said, “Hey, sexy.”

Who was he kidding? She was just in her cotton pajamas. She wrinkled her nose at him. “Sorry, I didn’t bring any lingerie with me.”

“Are you kidding? There’s nothing more enticing than a woman looking comfortable. I love that you didn’t brush out your hair.”

She combed her hands through her hair, just realizing she hadn’t brushed it. She’d been too worried about blow job techniques. But that’s not what she told him. “Shoot, I got distracted by my leg. The pain makes it hard to think straight.”

“Don’t worry, it’s a big turn on. It reminds me of what happened here just a little while ago.”

I hope you enjoyed the teaser! Please click here to buy!

2 thoughts on “Corporate Fire on Sale for $0.99!

  1. Oooohhh I like! I love your writing style (or what I’ve read so far) and will be keeping an eye on you! I have a soft spot for sultry romance reads 🙂


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