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Masked Heart FOR WEB

Masked Hearts

Mark is a rich single dad crazy about his son’s teacher. Sienna, recently ditched at the altar, refuses to date him but agrees to nights of breathless sex in his expansive house in the foothills. On a whim, she binds herself to the tie rack in his closet and realizes how much she trusts him with her body. But will she ever trust him with her heart?


Veteran Hearts

Jessica and Kyle have a book club of two at the Holiday Cafe. Jessica wants to heat things up with the hot but quiet Kyle only to find out his time as a soldier in Iraq prevents him from getting close. But after one romantic book suggestion, a goodnight kiss turns into much, much more…

Thankful Heart FOR WEB
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Thankful Hearts

All Stacy wants is the perfect Thanksgiving at her new house. And after a year without sex, a boyfriend would be the whipped cream on the apple pie.

All Hudson wants is the perfect Thanksgiving after his third Army tour in Afghanistan. But he arrives home to find his brother engaged to his girlfriend. He takes off on his Triumph motorcycle to drive 700 miles to the only place he can think of: the Holiday Cafe.

Stacy and Hudson knew each other on Words with Friends, but when he arrives to meet Stacy and share an Apple Pie Latte with a shot of toffee their relationship goes from platonic to romantic faster than his Triumph accelerator.