Becoming a Romance Heroine: Shoes

I will probably revisit shoes several times throughout this journey because I just don’t understand the fascination. When I watched Sex in the City, I was often boggled by Carrie going into debt so many times over shoes. Perhaps it’s how I was reared. I had one pair of school shoes, one pair of dress shoes and one pair of sandals. The irony is my mom was actually a secret shoe-aholic, and when my dad started earning more money, she slowly garnered herself a closet full of shoes.

In any case, romance heroines also seem to love shoes, and so I must go on this quest to discover why.

Recently, I had a chat with my lover about heels, which went something like this:

Lover: “Why don’t you wear heels more often?”

Me: “Because they hurt my freaking feet. Besides, I find sandals to be sexier, especially if the toe nails are painted.”

There are two things wrong with my statement. The first problem is, if you read yesterday’s post, you know I don’t keep my nails painted. The second problem is, I hadn’t bought my new sandals for the summer yet, and so what he saw were these:

photo (8) I know, right? Horrible.

Later that afternoon, I got a phone call from him. “I think I found a compromise. What’s your shoe size?” When he returned, he had a pair of sandals that were heels. I thought maybe he had missed the part where I told him that heels hurt my feet, but these were wedge heels and strangely more comfortable than spikes. Here they are with the classic red nail polish from yesterday:

photo (9)


My lover really likes it when I wear these shoes. He says I walk with more confidence. I wonder if the confidence comes from being taller or if when I look down at my toe nails painted a pretty red and my foot wrapped in cute straps I feel sexy?