The Beautician and the Billionaire Episode 4: Scene 9c

Episode Five will be available to buy on Thursday! I’ve been so excited about it, that I was tempted to release it over the weekend. But I have much more of a publishing and PR plan this year, so I thought I’d better stick to it to see how it goes.

I know I promised pictures from the Taos ski basin over the weekend. I will get those up tonight.

And now to finish off Charisse’s backstory! Follow my blog so you don’t miss a scene!


She shook her head so much against his chest that he thought she was going to start crying again. “I didn’t,” she said. “Isn’t that pathetic? I got pregnant even though I was using birth control pills. I never missed a day like some women do. He was so mad and blamed me for doing it on purpose to get attention. That’s why I flipped out when I forgot to ask you to use a condom.” Continue reading