The Beautician and the Billionaire Episode 5: The Captain Scene 1

Happy Monday! Sorry I’ve been MIA. I had a small house disaster. It’s under control now, but the house is still in disarray.

Episode 5 is available to purchase in ebook format! Once again, there’s a sex scene at the end that I won’t be posting to the blog. So if you want the Full Monty, you’d better buy it 😉


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Episode Six (I actually just typed Episode Sex) has a high density of sex scenes. You’ll probably want to purchase that one for sure, because it might be pretty choppy on the blog. I’d love to get it out by Valentine’s day, but that might be pushing it. It’ll be out this month for sure!

Charisse had a melt down at the end of Episode 4, and Conor is taking care of her. But Charisse can’t seem to let go of work or the pursuit of owning the salon herself. Conflict soon arises….


Charisse swallowed the last bite of her hamburger. The fancy cheese and sauce on it would’ve been delicious under different circumstances, but that night it only made it easier for Charisse to force herself to eat. The credits of a rom-com she’d barely paid attention to rolled by. Conor held her hand across the small cafe table in the back of his darkened theater room. She knew he was staring at her, but she couldn’t meet his gaze. She didn’t deserve him. Continue reading