The Beautician and the Billionaire Episode 5: Scene 11

Good news! Episode 6 will be released next week to buy! Episode 5 is drawing to a close soon on the blog. To thank all of you loyal readers, I’ll be reducing the price of Episode 5 to FREE for a limited time. Which means you’ll be able to read the moment Charisse and Conor seal their new deal without cost to you!

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Today we’re going back in time a little at the salon to see what’s been going on while Conor’s been morose in his office. It’s not looking good for Charisse. Josh has found her.


Charisse brushed purple polish over the nails she’d just filed into curved tips. The customer chatted about her date plans, but Charisse was busy wondering when Mei would get through to Conor. His assistant had turned her away once already. Maybe they were on the no call list or something, but that didn’t really make sense. Continue reading