B&B Episode 2: The Contract Scene 7b


Charisse hated herself for allowing Conor to see her unsettled. She was giving him so much personal ammunition that he could use against her later. He and Josh were the same ilk. Conor was just looking for weaknesses to use later against her.
The phone kept ringing in his hand. His frowned deepened, but it was somehow different. He didn’t seem mad at her anymore though she had no idea why he’d been mad in the first place. He leaned towards her and put the phone on the counter behind her where she kept the coffee maker. The phone finally went silent.

He gazed into her eyes, and she imagined him kissing her even as he slowly pulled back. The power he emanated seeped into her soul. She wanted him to protect her from Josh even though she had no idea what Josh wanted. But she gave her head a mental shake. She would not be weak. She’d just ignore Josh like any sensible woman. Not wish for a billionaire hero to save her.
Conor pulled back, but still stood close enough that the small hairs on the back of her neck stood on end like she was anticipating his touch.

Conor said, “Is he harassing you? You know you can block his number.”

“Actually, I’m sure he blocked my number. I never thought I’d hear from him again and he called just before you arrived. I didn’t answer it then either.”

His eyes searched hers. “Would you like to talk about it?”

Oh, God. She could not fall for this man. She’d been wrong. Conor and Josh were different. Conor had just been more concerned than Josh had ever been in the two years they were together. But she and Conor were business partners now. She cleared her throat and turned around, busying herself with pouring two cups of coffee. “No, I’d rather talk about the contract. I’m really confused. Is everything intact? It’s only twenty percent that you get right?”

She turned back around and Conor took the offered mug. She should’ve sat down in one of the chairs but she chose the French country style love seat instead. Conor sat next to her and they both turned towards the center to face each other.

Conor adjusted his tie again and took a sip of coffee. “I’m keeping the contract the same as it was between you and your father.”

Charisse took a sip too—the perfect Puerto Rican cup of coffee. It was her secret. “That’s not an answer. What did the contract say? Did you bring it with you? I’d like to read it.”