Contracts and Flowers

Lover and I had a big date Saturday. He showed up with flowers:

IMG_1519It’s not every date that I get flowers, but I love to. In my novels, the hero often gives flowers when he’s wooing the heroine. I know red roses are the standard, but there are so many other flowers in the world besides red roses.

On our date, the movie Fifty Shades of Grey was mentioned. Neither one of us has seen it, and it was only jokingly referred to. Pain is not my kink and I’m a little too alpha to be tied up, but there is no denying women have gone gaga over it.

What’s most interesting to me is as far as I can tell mostly vanilla women are into Fifty Shades. People of the BDSM culture not so much. Does this mean that vanilla women everywhere are asking their husbands/boyfriends to put them under contract? Or are they just getting turned on by the book, having great vanilla sex with their husbands/boyfriends and taking it no further?

On my date with Lover, the questions in my head went much further. Why do contracts have to be about whips and canes? I have done some research into sex contracts and found that an important aspect of the contract that’s often lost in pop culture is the use of the contract to explore each others desires. I find men to be very straight forward about what they want. If they desire a specific sex act or anything really from their partner, they just come out and ask.

But women want their partners to be mind readers. We have this notion that if a man really loves us, they’ll do something for us without us telling them to. Sometimes that happens, but a lot of times not. Wouldn’t a contract be a great way for a woman to let her lover know exactly what she wanted?

I don’t want to force Lover on his knees and whip him. But it would be fun if in the contract he had to show up with a bouquet of gladiolas, a mocha from Starbucks and massage my feet before we go out while I drink the mocha.

So I’ve put Lover under contract for three dates. Of course, that means I’ll be under contract for hime for three dates. I’ll let you know how it goes. I’ll call these blogs The Vanilla Contract.

What would be in your Vanilla contract? Please let me know in the comments below!




Lover Returns


I love Mondays. I know that’s not normal. But Mondays are the start of a week without mistakes.


This morning I woke up to Lover saying, “You have a continuity error in chapter six.”

This was not Finn, the sweet date I had at the Barley Room.

This was THE Lover. The one I had when I started this blog. Think of him to me as Mr. Big was to Carrie Bradshaw.

The problem with dating Alpha Males in real life instead of leaving them to the romance books is they’re always off doing their Alpha Male things. I hand waved over why I’ve been absent from the blog, but mostly it revolved around Lover. Christmas and New Years come like storms to relationships with all the expectations and compromising…especially between two people who are dominant rather than submissive.

Lover rode out with the storm.

I didn’t feel like whining on my blog and I needed to get Corporate Fire publishing ready, so I dove into the story rather than worry about the blog.

Lover is not on Twitter. It’s noise to him. So he says he didn’t read anything of those other dates. I’m not so sure. I think what brought him back was naming Finn on my blog. Even my friends were commenting on me giving someone a name.

I spent the weekend with Lover and it was wonderful. Even waking up to a mistake first thing Monday morning. He takes my work seriously and always helps me with it. I haven’t asked how long he’ll be here this time. It’s a tricky question for an Alpha Male, and tricky for an Alpha Female to time it just right.

I hope your Monday started as great as mine.