Top Five Characters I wanna Hang Out With

Sorry, I’m a little late on my post this week for Larissa and Friends Bookish Life Top Five Sundays. After a month of promoting Masked Hearts, I needed to get more mundane things organized like getting my car fixed and registered. I’m super pleased with the reviews it’s getting and even got an awesome email from a reader saying she couldn’t put the book down.

Apparently I can’t stop promoting 🙂

Anyway, on with Top Five Sundays! This week it’s the top five characters you want to hang out with!

Elizabeth Bennet


Victoria In RED


Anne Shirley


Parks & Recreation

Leslie Knope

Be sure to visit  Larissa and Friends Bookish Life Top Five Sundays for her picks!

Tomorrow I’ll return with a post about my failure to Yoga and how that’s going to change. See you then!