BB Episode 3: The Third Ship Scene 2d

Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers! To Everyone: I’ll be traveling and don’t know the state of my wi-fi. I’d pre-schedule the next few posts, but I’ve been struggling with the smoothness of this episode. Many important things happen, and I don’t want to short-change any of the events. When I’m driving, I usually get good insights into the stories I’m writing. So there may be posts Thursday and Friday, and there may not 🙂

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Conor stomped back to his office and slammed his door. Roy started blustering about showing Charisse the contract, but Conor yelled, “Shut up and sit down.”

Roy yanked the chair away from the desk and sat. Continue reading

BB Episode 3: The Third Ship Scene 2


2| The Third Ship

Charisse pressed the button for the 23rd floor. She stared down at her navy blue Prada pumps—so conservative like the rest of her outfit. She brushed off lint on her blue A-line dress. It had no sleeves which was probably racy in the corporate world, but the dress was as close as she could find.

The worst part of her whole outfit was her straightened hair, slicked back and twisted at the base of her neck. She felt like Portia DeRossi in her corporate roles except with brown hair instead of blonde. Continue reading